1st Biennale of architecture and landscape 4 May to 13 July 2019, Ile-de-France, France

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The first Biennale d’architecture et de paysage d’Ile-de-France BAP  will be taking place 4 May to 13 July 2019 and is organised at the initiative of Région Ile-de-France under the global curatorship of François de Mazières, Mayor of the City of Versailles.

Main exhibitions will be organised at Ecole nationale supérieure de paysage (curators : Alexandre Chemetoff with Le Goût du Paysage and Vincent Piveteau for L’Ecole ouverte), Ecole nationale supérieure d’architecture de Versailles (curator : Djamel Klouche) and Château de Versailles (curator : Elisabeth Maisonnier). Propositions in other places and public areas of Versailles are being planned as well as a pretty dense programming of events and “off” events.

More information on the programme will be available at a later stage at http://bap-idf.com/en/

As per Valérie Pécresse, President of the Île-de-France Region, the first Biennale of architecture and landscape – BAP (Biennale d’architecture et de paysage) is a major event for the Île-de-France Region, which, since the beginning of its current mandate, has been implementing an ambitious, innovative and sustainable policy of urban planning and development focused on the integration of people, nature and cities. As the leading metropolitan region in Europe in terms of economy and quality of life, Île-de-France must constantly reinvent itself to sustain its development, meet the expectations of its inhabitants, and to enhance its attraction internationally, while ensuring the prudent management of space and resources. In 2017, the Region launched its Green Plan with the goal of bringing more nature into towns and cities and providing all inhabitants of the Île-de-France with access to green spaces within a 15-minute walk from their homes, by 2021. The plan also aims to enhance the presence of vegetation, to design and develop easily accessible green spaces and to offer a wide range of services to inhabitants.

Thanks to the momentum achieved through successful initiatives – all areas of the region are on the move and working toward a coherent agreed strategy shared with Paris – the regional authorities wished to launch a broader event whose impact would extend beyond its own borders. Thus, the Île-de-France Architecture and Landscape Biennale was conceived to provide a space for reflection, for showcasing best practices and for sharing knowledge and experience concerning the specific issues currently facing metropolitan regions, of Île-de-France and around the globe, with the aim of meeting the challenges of climate change and the need for innovative solutions that will build the people- and nature-centered cities of tomorrow.

Valérie Pécresse
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Interview with François de Mazières, chief curator of the BAP, mayor of Versailles and former president of the Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine.