2018 Awards Cultural Heritage as an Asset for Responsible and Sustainable Tourism: Apply by 1 July

What better way to illustrate the synergies between cultural heritage and tourism and their benefits for Europe’s society, economy and the environment than a Europe-wide Awards scheme highlighting such remarkable achievements ?

As a contribution to the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN), the European Travel Commission (ETC) and Europa Nostra have launched the 2018 Awards Cultural Heritage as an Asset for Responsible and Sustainable Tourism.

The Awards will be given for achievements by cultural tourist destinations which have produced significant results related to enhancing visitor experience while respecting traditions and involving local communities.

Applications are open to all tourist destinations across Europe, local and regional authorities, tourism boards and associations, destination management organisations, and cultural NGOs.

Applications can be submitted by 1 July 2018 in one of the following heritage-related categories:

1. Religious and Pilgrimage
2. Coastal and Maritime
3. Cultural Landscapes
4. Industrial and Military
5. Historic Houses, Villages and Cities
6. Transnational Thematic Products
7. Contributions by Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs)

For detailed information on how to apply, please visit the ECTN website.

The winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony taking place during the 11th International Conference for Cultural Tourism in Pafos (Cyprus) on 25-27 October 2018, organised by ECTN.

Recognised as examples of excellence, the winners of the Awards Cultural Heritage as an Asset for Responsible and Sustainable Tourism will inspire other tourist destinations and stimulate further development of responsible cultural tourism initiatives in Europe. Hence, the 2018 special edition of the Awards is a direct contribution to one of the 10 European initiatives, namely ‘Tourism and heritage: responsible and sustainable tourism around cultural heritage’, which are being developed by the European Commission together with its partners as a legacy of the European Year.

The Awards are organised by ECTN in partnership with ETC and Europa Nostra and have the support of the Network of European Regions for Sustainable and Competitive Tourism (NECSTouR).

Application forms & deadlines

The application form can be downloaded in Word format on the website: www.culturaltourism-network.eu/award-2018.html
Detailed instructions on how to fill in the application form are provided in the application form itself.

Please fill in all sections of the application form in English (applications in other languages will not be considered). Please sign, scan and/or add a digital signature and send it by e-mail with all relevant supporting documents to: awards@culturaltourism-net.eu .

No paper version of the application is needed – electronic submission only!

Applications must be submitted by the 1 July 2018, 17.00 CET (Central European Time).

By submitting the application, applicants authorise the publishing of their data on the organiser and partners’ websites


www.europanostra.org /www.etc-corporate.org/

Material submitted may be published with due acknowledgement to the applicant.

Awards Jury
The Awards Jury will be composed of relevant experts from various European countries, to be appointed by ECTN, Europa Nostra and the European Travel Commission.

The Jury’s decision shall be final. The Jury will not accept requests for additional information or justification of their decision once the awardees have been selected.

Awards Criteria
The Awards Jury will assess the quality of all applications according to the following criteria:

1. Relevance to the EYCH2018 objectives
2. Technical content of actions
3. Evidence of success
4. Sustainability of the actions
5. Ability to attract visitors from outside Europe to lesser known destinations
6. Synergies with silver tourism, family tourism and/or youth tourism activities
7. Involvement of the local community.

Concluding Remarks
This is non-profit initiative. Therefore, the Awards do not consist of any type of monetary prize and does not aim to give any type of economic advantage to the applicants and winners. No financial or contractual obligations will arise neither for ECTN, nor for the partner organisations, Europa Nostra and the European Travel Commission.

The Awards organiser and partners or their members and employees or contractors shall not be responsible nor liable in negligence or otherwise howsoever in respect of any inaccuracy or omission in the Awards procedure. They shall not be liable for any direct or indirect or consequential loss or damage caused by or arising from any information or inaccuracy or omission herein. They also shall not be liable for any use of the information concerning the Awards.


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