8th LeNotre Landscape Forum “Learning Landscapes”, 9-13 April 2019, Zagreb, Croatia

The LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum

Learning Landscapes

from 9th-13th of April 2019 in Zagreb/Croatia

hosted by the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Ornamental Plants, Landscape Architecture and Garden Art

What makes the LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum different from other European landscape events is the focus on dialogue, debate and discourse. It provides a unique opportunity to interact creatively with colleagues from a range of landscape disciplines in informal workshop and field visit settings. The aim is to create stimulating environment to promote the generation of both new teaching ideas and projects, for research and for collaboration between theory and practice. A joint ISBN publication will result from the meeting, to which all participants will contribute. It is intended to include contributions to the poster exhibition in this publication as well. The LE:NOTRE Institute is currently testing the possibility of organizing a peer review of this publication.

Participants’ benefits:

  • International and local keynote speakers, dialogue with local experts

  • Exploration of the local landscapes

  • Interdisciplinary and international collaboration and networking opportunities

  • Participation in the poster exhibition

  • Contribution to a joint ISBN publication

    >> find publications of past events here

Target Groups

The Forum aims to provide a discussion platform for a wide range of landscape issues at a European and global level.

Target groups include:

  • researchers and practitioners from landscape architecture and related disciplines (including architecture, arts, geography, agricultural sciences, dendrology, economics, environmental psychology, forestry, hydrology and water management, IT, archaeology, ecology, regional planning, social anthropology, sociology, tourism, urban design, etc.

  • academics and educators involved in teaching and research from many different disciplinary perspectives

  • members of public institutions or authorities and NGOs

  • doctorate and masters students from landscape architecture and related disciplines

The LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum was conceived as a response to the common criticism of almost all landscape conferences, namely that there is never enough time for discussion and that most of the time is spent sitting listening to presentations in seminar rooms. The Forum seeks to answers these charges by placing discussion and collaborative working at the centre of each event, and to organise this around field visits to look at and learn about local landscape issues.

Forum Programme

Working Groups


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