Call for applications for restauration of Charles Square in Prague, Czech Republic

Charles Square is a public space of city-wide importance and one of the pivotal sites in the Prague Heritage Reservation. The square however needs a complete reconstruction. The city has recently announced a procedure with competititon dialogue – a creative process that involves all stakeholders from the very beginning.

The objective of the competitive dialogue is to bring together architects’ teams to produce 1) more detailed assignment, and 2) produce proposals. The winning team signs the contract for the design and documentation of revitalization of the Charles Square.

The independent members of evaluation commitee are the most prominent landscape architects and architects: Almut Jirku, Cornelius Scherzer, Ladislav Lábus, Michal Fišer, Petr Hlaváček.

Submission of applications to participate is due to 12.10.2017.

Dates and terms:

Commencement of the tendering procedure:                    9th August 2017

Period for submission of applications to participate:       12th October 2017 (16:00)

The entire proceedings are expected to take between 9 and 11 months, from commencement to the selection of the best proposal.

Applications will be invited around mid-September. In September and October the applicants will be asked to hand in the Professional approaches to creating proposals for solutions. There will be three workshops taking place in January, March and May 2018 and these will be open only for selected participants. The City will invite at least 5 teams to these workshops.


1/ Update of the concept for entire Charles Square (master plan)

The project’s objective is to update the entire concept of the Charles Square master plan and to propose a solution on how to integrate the park within the context of the square as a whole, a conceptual architectural plan for the streets on the square and a verification of the suitability and location of underground garages in its south-eastern part in the overall context of traffic solutions for the square. The aim of this part of the proposal is to determine an optimal location for the exits and the method of working with all the ground-level elements of underground garages. This part of the proposal will not be the subject of further stages of the project documentation for this public contract, it will remain in the form of a concept.

2/ Proposal for the revitalization of Charles Square park

The objective of the proposal for the Charles Square Stage II revitalization (the park) is to present a solution for adaptation of the park, aiming to build a versatile and high-quality public space within the context of today’s Prague while preserving, renewing and developing the park’s main natural and historical treasures. Achieving a versatile and top-quality result implies finding a comprehensive solution to all the essential aspects and expectations, and harmonising them into a single entity. Given the importance of this space and the need to find a solution that enjoys widespread support, the contracting authority expects a high quality of overall performance and a first-class landscape architecture project, including a proposal how to approach valuable standing vegetation and provide for a sustainable management of rain water.

3/ Completion of all project documentation phases for the Charles Square Stage II revitalization, (the park)

  • Project documentation for the issue of a decision to locate a building
  • Project documentation for the issue of building permit
  • Project documentation for building implementation

4/ Provision of engineering services and author’s supervision of the Charles Square Stage II revitalization (the park), including a study (which is to be prepared as a part of the proposal during the competitive dialogue proceedings)

  • Engineering services required to obtain land use decision
  • Engineering services required to obtain building permit
  • Author’s supervision during construction phase
  • Cooperation during use permitting procedure and commissioning