CALL FOR PROPOSALS DEBATING THE LANDSCAPE: Didactical issues, learning processes, training

DEBATING  THE LANDSCAPE: Didactical issues, learning processes, training

Call for contributions (communication, poster, or pedagogical contribution) for SYMPOSIUM which will take place in Geneva, 25-27 Octobre 2017.

This symposium is meant for students, teachers, trainers, teacher -researchers, researchers, landscape actors involved in training and those interested in issues concerning the landscape. The symposium’s main objective is to bring together actors from disparate spheres that rarely intersect: primary and secondary education, landscape schools, universities, management, vocational education structures, environmental education networks, associations, continuing education institutions, consultancy firms, local authorities or protected areas, decision-making or elected bodies, etc. in an effort to discuss this common subject and the ducational issues it raises.

This symposium is being organized as part of a research programme funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (FNS)

Call for papers (December 19th 2016)
Proposals for papers (inEnglish or French), posters or presentation of teaching aids, tools or games
must be sent via e-mail to all of the following contacts:
Anne Sgard:
Sandrine Billeau:
5 February 2017:
Submission of short abstracts for proposals for papers, posters or teaching aids,
tools or games
Abstracts of a maximum length of 3000 characters (including spaces)presenting the issue, the methodology and the results
A maximum of 10 bibliographical references
5 keywords
Late March 2017: Evaluation and selection by the organizing committee and the scientific council
Early April 2017: The authors will be informed of the decision by the organizing committee
17 July 2017: Submission of long abstracts for proposals for papers. These long abstracts will be
published in a brochure.
For more information please visit  Call_debating the lansdcape EN