IFLA Europe is proud to inform you that our delegate Leor Lovinger from ISALA, as a member of EU Expert Working group has contributed significantly to scientific Report prepared by the EU Funded project EKLIPSE and the Expert Working Group on Nature-based Solutions to promote climate resiliance in urban areas.  The Report “An impact evaluation framework to support planning and evaluation of nature-based solutions projects” is focused on three objectives:

1)  To develop an impact evaluation framework with a list of criteria for assessing the performance of NBS in dealing with challenges related to climate resilience in urban areas;
2)  To prepare an application guide for measuring how  NBS projects  fare against the identified indicators in delivering multiple environmental, economic and societal benefits;
3)  To make recommendations to improve the assessment of the effectiveness of NBS projects, including the identification of knowledge gaps according to the criteria presented in the impact evaluation framework.

Full report available EKLIPSE Report NBS FINAL


IFLA Europe Publications

IFLA EU has a strong history related to the publications. Newsletters were regularly published by IFLA EU (former EFLA) in the 90’s and 2000’s. In 2011 IFLA EU presented her first yearbook about the Landscape European Convention during the IFLA World congress. Following this, two Journals were edited on the Political Implications of the Urban Landscape and Adaptive Capacity of Cities between 2011 and 2013. You can find them on the following page.

The Yearbook workshop held during the GA in Oslo in 2014 was particularly appreciated by the delegates and gave the opportunity to work on the future of our publications. Having learnt from previous publications and a relative huge amount of work they required, a priority was given to one high quality product. The IFLA EU Yearbook from and for the national associations is based on the peta kucha presentations – presentations prepared by each National Association about their views, experiences and projects on General assembly theme. This new version could not have got a better launch than on the occasion of Silver Jubilee about the landscape democracy.

Please have a look at our yearbooks on the following links:

IFLA Europe Yearbook 2014 , published in 2015 about the GA 2014
IFLA Europe Yearbook_2015, published in 2016 about the GA and conference 2015