Conference call: “Dessin, design, projet. Représenter et reconfigurer les espaces ouverts” ENSA PARIS LA VILLETTE, 24 May 2019

Conference call: “Dessin, design, projet. Représenter et reconfigurer les espaces ouverts” ENSA PARIS LA VILLETTE, 24 May 2019

CALL FOR PAPERS deadline 30 March!


In the arts of space – architecture, urbanism, landscaping – the drawing has a central role. After centuries of elaborations and inventions to optimize the representation of spatial ideas and anticipate the physical transformation of places, the drawing ended up being assimilated to the project. From the sketch to the execution plans, its mission remains that of explaining the result of the elaboration of an idea, of conveying it towards its realization, to solicit the confrontation between the elements and the actors in various parts of the whole process of the commission, the ideation, the manufacturing. Also, beyond its “documentary mission”, the drawing acquired a value in itself: recognized by its own characteristics, it has been brought closer to other products of the arts, such as painting, sculpture or photography. The focus here will be on the theme of the urban, territorial and landscape project, and more specific way on drawing – design – project of open spaces.


The conference will take place at ENSA Paris La Villette on Friday, May 24, 2019. The presentations will be in French (and / or with translation into French). Thursday 23 May be scheduled an opening conference and the visit of project achievements contemporary in the field of open spaces in Ile de France. This conference is supported by the Ministry of Culture, LAVUE UMR 7218; of the National School of Architecture of Paris la Villette, and the UNISCAPE Network.


Proposals of up to 300 words should be sent before 30 March 2019 at the following address: The final selection of the proposals will be made by the members of the Scientific Committee before April 15, 2019. The authors whose proposals will be selected will have to send a French document retracing the plot for the oral presentation of 15,000 characters before May 14, 2019. Calendar

• February 12: publication of the call for papers

• March 30th: deadline for receipt of proposals

• April 15: selection and distribution of the list of participants

• May 14: handing over the texts for the oral presentation

• 23-24 May: Conference at ENSA Paris La Villette

• September 30th: presentation of the final articles Attachments Conference call (French)