Conference “Landscape Architecture in times of climate change” organised by SAK, Stowarzyszenie Architektury Krajobrazu on 23 November 2018,

Conference “Landscape Architecture in times of climate change” which will take place on November 23rd, 2018.

Changing climate of our planet is a common phenomenon. Scientists are alerting us not because of the changes themself but because of its rapid progress and lack of adapting cities to approching conditions. Climate change means not only extreme weather conditions, it is also an economic problem, that forces reorganisation of managing natural resources and processes of administering public spaces.

Climate change is not only extreme weather phenomena, but also problems related to nature conservation, economy, agriculture, gardening, landscape architecture, forcing the reorganization of natural resources management and spatial management processes. All these problems also concern landscape architecture, which should try to meet them in a modern and conscious way. Regardless of the timid attempts to prevent these changes, we are and will be increasingly forced to apply all possible and available adaptations of our economy, including through landscape architecture tools.

All these challanges concern landscape architecture, that should face them not only knowingly but also modernly. As part of the conference, we will address three key issues for adapting landscapes to climate change: biodiversity, rainwater management and minimizing the nuisance of high temperatures. Speakers will present various ways of adapting space to new conditions based on activities in this area in their town or country. During the conference we will think about another possibilities to adapt our surroundings to the climate change by activities in landscape architecture.

During our conference, we want to raise key issues for adapting the landscape to climate change, such as: rainwater management, biodiversity, design based on nature, minimizing the nuisance of high temperatures – improving the microclimate. Speakers will present various ways of adapting space to new conditions on selected examples. During the discussion, we will try to think together about the next possibilities of adapting our environment to climate change through actions in the field of landscape architecture. The conference is addressed to: landscape architects, architects, planners and planners, contractors, gardeners, representatives of offices and local governments, scientists and educators, students and all those interested in the above-mentioned subject.

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