Conference on 21 September 2018 organised by Irish Landscape Institute in partnership with IFLA Europe, World Urban Parks Europe Region and Entente Florale Europe

We wish to draw your attention to an event taking place next month in Tullamore, Ireland.  It is a one-day conference organised by the Irish Landscape Institute in partnership with the International Federation of Landscape Architecture (IFLA Europe), World Urban Parks Europe Region and Entente Florale Europe.  These three international organisations have through Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs), signed in 2017, recognised that they share many common values and objectives and agreed to cooperate on various initiatives such as information sharing.

The proposed one-day conference is, therefore, an action in line with the spirit of the MOUs and is planned to coincide with the Entente Florale Awards presentation in Tullamore on the 22nd September 2018.

There is also a technical tour programme for the 21st September.

Please consult the programme for more details:  Greening+the+Urban+Environment.pdf

  • Details of a one-day conference on Greening the Urban Environment’ on Thursday the 20th September. It includes speakers from Entente Florale, the Irish Landscape Institute and World Urban Parks.  Bookings for this conference are managed through The Tree Council of Ireland -
  • A technical tour on Friday the 21st September.  This will suit some of those attending the one-day conference who are not familiar with parks in the vicinity of Tullamore.  Those who are interested in participating in this tour should give an indication when booking for the one-day conference with The tree Council of Ireland or to Dr. Christy Boylan
  • The third attachment is the Entente Florale delegates programme which includes options for morning tours, the European Market in the afternoon and the awards presentation and dinner that night. This event will be attended by delegates from nine European countries and a large attendance is anticipated.  Bookings for participation in those events should be made through or