PROJECT E1 – Procedures of School Recognition Panel (SRP) Quality assessment of Schools and Institutions providing Landscape Architectural Education

CHAIR: Emilia Weckman

MEMBERS: Margarida Cancela d’ Abreu (APAP), Marc Claramunt (FFP), Ana Luengo (AEP), Andreja Tutundzic (UPAS + IFLA EAA), Erich Buchmann (ECLAS) and Marina Cervera (AEP)

The Panel is an assembly of IFLA EUROPE delegates / landscape architects formed to review applications from Educational Institutions. Applications for IFLA EUROPE recognition are dealt by the SRP. Members of the SRP are chosen by the decision of the IFLA EUROPE Education committee.

Recognition is a quality label for a LA programme which meets up with the IFLA Europe standards for education, following the two documents: IFLA Charter Landscape Architectural Education 2012 (E1) and IFLA Guidance Document for Recognition or Accreditation (E2)

TASK: To continue to provide a detailed assessment of Schools and Institutions providing Landscape Architectural Education: To review the applications within the IFLA Europe region. To work with IFLA World on a global accreditation for education and training. To increase the visibility of the SRP Process through a School Dissemination Project

PROJECT E2 – Assistance on Survey of Education possibilities and Professional requirementsNew co-operation project with IFLA Europe Professional Practise and IFLA World level.

CHAIR: Emilia Weckman (at IFLA Europe level)

MEMBERS: Andreja Tutundzic, Marina Cervera (project managers at IFLA World level) Herman Georg Gunlaugsson, Fritz Auweck, (Professional Practise/ IFLA Europe) Carlo BRUSCHI,IFLA Europe Advisor

PROJECT TEAM AT IFLA World level: Bruno MARQUES (CER Committee Chair), Regional EAA & PPP Committee Chairs, Ben ROBERTS (Executive Director), Marta JOVIC (EAA Committee intern)

EXTERNAL PARTNERS: Software development company

TASK: The main task in IFLA Europe Education Committee is to collect baseline information on all European LA Programs/Courses – Similar task as IFLA Europe Education database project had, but updated. The IFLA World level goal is set up and promote the comprehensive list of educational programs across the World (IFLA Member countries).

Professional practice part of the project is to collect and promote information on:

-          legal requirements for professional practice at the IFLA member countries

-          legal regulations of the profession at the IFLA member countries

-          membership requirements of   IFLA

PROJECT E3 – IFLA Europe- ECLAS* Co-Operation The aim of the project is to develop the areas in which IFLA EUROPE and ECLAS will collaborate.

CHAIR: Emilia Weckman


MEMBERS: Simon Bell (ECLAS President), Tony Williams (IFLA Europe President), Ellen Fetzer (ECLAS Vice President), Eric Buhmann (ECLAS representative in the School Recognition Panel), Andreja Tutundzic (IFLA EEA Chair), Fritz Auweck (BDLA, PQD project etc.), Kathryn Moore (IFLA President)

TASK: The main task is to develop aspects of the Memorandum on Education and Research in Landscape Architecture between ECLAS and IFLA EUROPE (signed in 2007). The Memorandum was further developed during 2012 to 2013 into a ‘Heads of Agreement’ between the parties (signed in early 2013).

PROJECT E4 – EXTERNAL RELATIONS – CONNECTIONS and COLLABORATION – Exploring networks where collaboration is possible and interesting

CHAIR: Emilia Weckman

PROJECT MANAGER: to be selected

TASK: The main task is to maintain, set up and explore external relations and networks where IFLA Europe Education Committee collaboration is possible and needed.

PROJECT E5 –  EU Teach Research Project (EU-LAND)

CHAIR: Emilia Weckman


MEMBERS: Fritz Auweck, Marina Cervera, Andreja Tutundzic, project assistant

TASK: IFLA Europe is a partner organisation in the project.