Erasmus University College in Brussels organises presentation of IFLA Europe Exhibition “Landscape as common ground”

We are proud to announce that the Erasmus University College Brussels (Jette) presented IFLA Europe Exhibition Project ‘Landscape as a common ground’.

Steven Goossens, IFLA Europe Delegate and Head of Department for Landscape Architecture at the Erasmus University College of Brussels:

“With 61 projects from 24 different countries there is a unique exhibition on our campus in Jette. Our department for landscape and garden architecture will accommodate the exhibition until the end of March. Afterwards the exhibition will go further to Budapest.

Exceptional combination

The exhibition entitled ‘Landscape Architecture as common ground’ is an initiative of IFLA Europe (International Federation of Landscape Architects Europe) and each participating country selected a leading project. Calling it ‘an exception combination’ Steven Goossens stated: “The combination of these works is the strength of the exhibition. It is very exceptional that a collection of works from different countries and cultures come together. For our students (and other interested parties) it is fascinating to see how different cultural backgrounds deal differently with space, city or landscape. With one project there is an architectural approach with a different project.”

The exhibition is still available  in the entrance hall of Erasmus University College campus in Jette until the end of March.

Photo credit: Erasmus University College Brussels

Jette Erasmus high school exhibition