European Heritage Alliance 3.3 joint letter re adequate funding for the European Year of Cultural Heritage

Joint letter sent by Europa Nostra, IFLA Europe’s partner through European Heritage Alliance 3.3 project sent to the 28 EU Heads of State or Government, to the corresponding Permanent Representatives to the EU, asking them to transmit our letter to their President or Prime Minister. A copy of the letter was also sent by email to the corresponding Minister of Culture, asking them to share it with their counterparts from the Ministry of Economy and/or Finance.
All 28 letters (in pdf format) have been uploaded on the blog of the Alliance. This means that you and your members can have an easy access to those letters. (see here)
Please disseminate widely the information about this joint action:
a) Alliance blog: the news has already uploaded with a sample letter  (see here)
  • Please indicate visibly on your own website that YOU are a MEMBER of the Alliance – together with a link to the website.
  • Post a short news item about the letter on your website with a link to the news item on the Alliance blog.
b) Facebook and Twitter: short post and a tweet via Europa Nostra’s social media channels
c) Spread the word among your respective membership
  • Inform your membership about the joint letter of the Alliance.
  • Encourage them to also write to their own government (at national and possible also at regional level) with reference to our letter.
  • Encourage them to share the news on Facebook and Twitter.

Sample of letter 20161220-Alliance-Letter-Austria