Sixth Edition of I Maestri del Paesaggio

19 days

19 days of meetings, seminars and face-to-face reflections with the most famous landscape archistars, green installations and light shows, in a dimension of dream and enchantment for adults and children, in the frame of nature and beauty of Bergamo Alta and Bergamo Bassa.

I Maestri del Paesaggio, the kermesse organized by the Bergamo Town Council and the Cultural Association Arketipos, which has been bringing the best landscape architects and the most interesting expressions of international landscaping to Bergamo for six years, from the 7th to the 25th September 2016 will focus on the theme of the “Wild Landscape”, reflecting on the increasingly evident needs of modern man to reconnect himself with Nature and to insert it into his daily life.

The setups of the Green Squares Piazza Vecchia and Piazza Mascheroni, the light shows in Porta San Giacomo, Torre della Campanella, Piazza Vecchia, Torre del Gombito, Mercato delle Scarpe, the LandscapeRoute, the circular itinerary that will start from and arrive at Piazza Vecchia via Parco dei Colli, and the exhibition dedicated to the responsible use of wood in the Ex Ateneo are just few examples of the events scheduled, which will culminate with the International Meeting of the Landscape and Garden, on the 23rd and the 24th of September at the Teatro Sociale, where the most brilliant minds of international landscaping will discuss on ideas and large-scale projects.

Several the news of the edition 2016: the #Greendesign, the #Greenfashion, the «Life Gestire 2020» will add to the milestones of the Event – the Valfredda Perennials Seminar, the Alpine Seminar, the photography workshop, the Landscape Aperi tifs and Open Gardens, the project that lays open open the most beautiful gardens of Città Alta and Città Bassa. The third edition of the Summer School is eagerly awaited, with the participation of 15 European students, experts in landscape, and great attention will be dedicated to children.

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The International Meeting