World Heritage annual NGO Forum on World Heritage, 30 June-1 July 2017 in Krakow, Poland

2 days

In accordance with revised approach, WH is inviting papers which relate to cases which will be, or should be, discussed or decided on the Annual Meeting of the WH Committee, taking place also in Krakow immediately after the Forum. An overview of these cases is given in the attachment. New nominations are listed in blue. Unfortunately, new nominations for cultural sites are not made public.

Call for Papers

In conjunction with this year’s meeting of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, and in partnership with WHW network of civil society organizations, World Heritage Watch is organizing an International NGO Forum on World Heritage, 30 June – 1 July 2017, in Krakow, Poland (final venue to be confirmed).

The Forum will follow three International NGO Fora held in St. Petersburg in 2012, in Bonn 2015, and in Istanbul 2016.

The Forum will present cases of World Heritage Sites where there is a concern for their safeguarding and management, and which should be brought to the attention of the World Heritage Committee and the general public. The presentations shall provide information about the sites which

- is new and relevant for the safeguarding of the site; or

- has not received adequate consideration; or

- reflects the perspective of the local population at the site and its involvement in its management;

in order to help the World Heritage Committee and its Advisory Bodies to have a more comprehensive assessment of the site and thus arrive at better decisions during its session.

Papers should be as specific, concise and detailed as possible, and should make clear suggestions for action. For general orientation you can also suggest the Final Document of the WHW 2015 Bonn Conference, and the list of sites on the agenda of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee Meeting, both of which can be found on the WHW website.

In addition to sites which are inscribed on the World Heritage List, sites will also be considered which are nominated for inscription on the World Heritage List, which are on a Tentative List or should be on a Tentative List.

Any and all persons of any occupational background – except officials involved on state or international level in decision-making on world heritage sites – are invited to submit papers. Representatives of non-governmental organizations, indigenous peoples, local initiatives and professional associations related to conservation will be given priority when papers are selected for presentation on the Forum.

In addition to presentation on the Forum, World Heritage Watch may also arrange access to the media and an additional presentation as a side event during the UNESCO WH Committee Meeting.

Please send your full paper by 25 March 2017 to in English, German, Russian or Spanish language.

Formal guidelines: The paper must be submitted in Word format. It must not be longer than 3 pages of text written in Arial 11pt, 2,5cm margins, single-spaced, with minimum formatting (bold, italics, underline). No abstract needed. References and illustrations may be added to the three pages of text.

Photos and maps must be sent in separate files (jpg of not less than 1MB or pdf).

In addition, please also send us a portrait photo (jpg, min. 1MB) and a short biography explaining your age, profession and livelihood, membership in a civil society organization (if any), and the type of your involvement in the UNESCO World Heritage.

NOTE: Papers not observing these guidelines will not be accepted.

The papers will be selected until 15 April 2017. In case your paper will be selected for presentation, you will receive an official invitation, and WH will try to support the travel expenses. No honorariums will be paid for the presentations.

For more information please read Call for Papers WHW NGO Forum 2017