German Landscape Architecture Award 2019

In the competition for the German Landscape Architecture Award 2019, five expert judges made their choice in the virtual voting room and nominated 35 projects for the jury meeting.

In addition, they had viewed and evaluated 109 works admitted to the competition, which competed for first prize and one of the awards in eight different categories.

From the 35 nominated works, eleven judges will select the winning projects on 12 April 2019 in Berlin.

All nominated projects are available here: (German Website):

Competitions are an important means of ensuring building culture and innovation in practice. The range of activities of landscape architects is reflected in the award categories.

The following categories were included:

- Public space as a center

- Neighborhood development / living environment,

- Use of plants,

- Nature conservation and landscape experience,

- Sport, game, movement,

- Young landscape architecture,

- Landscape architecture in detail,

- International projects.