IFLA Europe Exhibition 2018 – Landscape Architecture as a common ground

Landscape Architecture as a common ground

IFLA Europe Projects Exhibition 2018

We are pleased to announce that in September this year at the General Assembly, the first IFLA Europe Exhibition presenting the work of landscape architecture in Europe will be opened.

The aim of the exhibition is to present representative projects of almost all IFLA Europe member countries. The idea of this presentation is to show the role of landscape architects in the contemporary shaping of outdoor space. The landscape – environment of their work is understood as a system, which in its continuity bases its strength, wealth and ability to regenerate.

In the contemporary world, one of the main tasks of landscape architecture is to restore this continuity. The exhibition concerns all kinds of interventions aimed at overcoming barriers and restoring processes and coherence on many levels. This applies both to the rediscovery of green connections, the reconstruction of water structures, as well as pedestrian and bicycle corridors. Interventions in the form of landscape architecture take on a beautiful architectural and landscape form, whose beauty grows out of functional and ecological wisdom.

The exhibition contains 61 projects from 24 countries associated in IFLA Europe. The exhibition will take a compact form that can be developed and presented in each country. The package will include printable charts (22 items), a catalogue and a slide presentation enriched with additional images of the presented projects. The exhibition is based on the involvement of National Associations of IFLA Europe, which selected the projects in their countries.

The official opening and handing over of the materials to the National Associations will take place on September 7, 2018 in London at 17.30 during the IFLA Europe General Assembly.

2018 IFLA Europe Exhibition Project