SCAPEWORLD Programme 2015 

SCAPEWORLD – IFLA Europe launches programme Scapeworld, whose objective is to raise awareness about landscape architecture engaging LA students, young practitioners, general public and all those interested in landscape architecture. The main objective is to create initially a virtual space, an area understood as a playground, where LA professionals, young LA practitioners and students can meet, learn about other and present their own landscapes, identity, etc. At a later stage, all activities carried out would be presented to wide public in order to explain better and become more understandable what landscape architecture is and why was it so important for the future of our society.

There will be numerous activities undertaken, based on creativity, collaboration and handmade work. And at the same time, everyone will be asked to express the landscape perception that they have acquired. This is important for the programme; with this project we would create a big European Global Landscape Identity, throughout activities made and created by the members, and shared using social media. This programme is aimed to help remove the barrier between Landscape professionals and society. The programme network and activities will be used to better explain what landscape architecture is and represent to practitioners and to promote and bring closer the profession.

Members Database

During the General Assembly of IFLA EUROPE held in Oslo, Norway in October 2014, the President’s´ Council, with the full support of the General Assembly, agreed the need for a more cohesive Federation that is able to provide both its National Associations as well as its members opportunities to develop their capacities at European level.

The creation of the Members’ database establishes a completely new working and networking approach inside the Federation, without interfering with the professional databases existing in each country, nor with the relations between members and their NA. On the contrary, it strives to strengthen these by providing members with fuller services at an European level. The MDB (members’ database) also works transversally with other projects currently developed in IFLA EU which also strive to strengthen IFLA Europe’s services to its members as well as establishing a more cohesive European Federation.

Members Database

IFLA Europe Database Members’ Access

IFLA EUROPE will manage the Federate members’ database in compliance with the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC, respecting every country’s legislations passed upon the basis established by the previously mentioned directive, specifically articles 7 to 17 regarding consent, treatment, right of access, information, exemptions, restrictions, as well as security and confidentiality, remaining IFLA EUROPE THE EUROPEAN REGION OF IFLA INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS Avenue Louise 149/24 – 1050 Bruxelles ‐ Brussels (Belgium) exempt from responsibility from the misuse of a third person, which is outside the control of IFLA EUROPE.


Directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications came into force in 2007. It has since been amended several times. A consolidated version of the directive and its annexes - provided for information only and not binding on the institutions – is also available below. Lastly, you will also find details of the directive’s implementation by the EEA/EFTA countries and the documents relating to the legislative process by which the directive was adopted.

Directive and links

Regulation of the profession in Europe

Table of Profession Regulation in Europe (pdf version)


PQD map Regulated

PQD map Not Regulated

PQD map regulated at National Level


PQD map IN process


- EU-CPV (Common Procurement vocabulary)

landscape architects without borders

Our Mission
To mobilise the landscape architecture profession regarding the humanitarian services that landscape architects can provide to people and places around the world where they are non-existent or scarce. These altruistic services can include: helping re-plan and redesign areas that are recovering from natural disasters and political conflicts affecting not only cherished landscapes but human and non-human homes; giving general guidance to governments on how to optimally protect landscapes so as to prevent natural disasters; raise global awareness (through presentations and capacity-building workshops) about the various aspects of the profession; providing academic expertise to university students and curriculums; planning and designing projects such as refugee camps, children’s playgrounds in inner city areas, urban streets in marginalized areas, neighborhood parks in villages, National Parks and Reserves, ecotourism planning and ecolodges that help alleviate poverty.

If you believe in our mission to make a difference, please kindly make a donation to our work. It will take just one minute of your time. Your donation will support LAWB activities only. A dedicated account has been opened for this Working Group to ensure you know where your contribution goes. Thank you for your support.

Members of this working group are:

S. Tinoek Sekartjakrarini

Co-Chair and Representative of IFLA Africa
Hitesh Mehta

Representative of IFLA Middle East
Gabriela Trovato

Representative of IFLA Europe
Maja T. Izquierdo

Representative of IFLA Asia-Pacific
Elisa Palazzo

Representative of IFLA Americas
Kathy Dunster

Sadik C Artunç

Aziza Abdulfetah Busser

Virginia L. Laboranti

Angeliki Paraskevopoulou

Faruk Sarihan

Djurdja Stojičić

Fadera Williams

Misato Uehara