SCAPEWORLD Programme 2015 

SCAPEWORLD – IFLA Europe launches programme Scapeworld, whose objective is to raise awareness about landscape architecture engaging LA students, young practitioners, general public and all those interested in landscape architecture. The main objective is to create initially a virtual space, an area understood as a playground, where LA professionals, young LA practitioners and students can meet, learn about other and present their own landscapes, identity, etc. At a later stage, all activities carried out would be presented to wide public in order to explain better and become more understandable what landscape architecture is and why was it so important for the future of our society.

There will be numerous activities undertaken, based on creativity, collaboration and handmade work. And at the same time, everyone will be asked to express the landscape perception that they have acquired. This is important for the programme; with this project we would create a big European Global Landscape Identity, throughout activities made and created by the members, and shared using social media. This programme is aimed to help remove the barrier between Landscape professionals and society. The programme network and activities will be used to better explain what landscape architecture is and represent to practitioners and to promote and bring closer the profession.