In Memoriam Jeanine Genin

In Memoriam Jeanine Genin

We are very sad that ‘our’ Jeanine Genin has passed away and left this world. She was and is at the heart of EFLA – IFLA Europe. Since 1989 – when the foundation of EFLA took place – she was active in the organization throughout her life. Indeed, Jeanine even made sure that our affairs were kept in order through the last difficult weeks and months.

In EFLA she took over the function of an Executive Secretary – although this function didn’t exist officially. She took care of everything and helped to establish our federation from its genesis to the present day. She was the continuous pillar while presidents changed. She is famous for her saying: NOT BY THE BELGIAN LAW and it became, over the years, something like a branding.

After the coming together of EFLA and IFLA in 2008 she didn’t step back and she worked tirelessly to ensure the success of IFLA Europe and acknowledgement of our place in IFLA World.. She continued with her tasks on the financial management and did it in a superb way. Her work was faultless.

It is unbelievable that she is no longer with us. The world is a little poorer but heaven is all the richer. Our loss is heaven’s gain.

We as EFLA and IFLA EU want to say ‘…..thank you Jeanine for all your engagement over nearly 30 years as mother of EFLA / IFLA EU. You were and are our true champion. We will keep you in our minds for ever. It is therefore not goodbye but ‘Au revoir’. Be at peace now.’

on behalf of IFLA Europe community

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