National Association:

Bundesarchitektenkammer (BAK)

Köpenicker Straße 49, 10179, Berlin, Germany

Fritz Auweck is Landscapearchitect and Urban planner. He is member of the Ba

Recognized Programmes:

BAK – Federal Chamber of German Architects

The “Bundesarchitektenkammer e.V.” (BAK – Federal Chamber of German Architects) is the governing body of the 16 Federal State Chambers of Architects in Germany. It represents the interests of about 130.000 architects in politics and the public on a national and international level. Although both architect and building order regulations are a matter of individual federal state legislation, many important political decisions pertaining to the profession are made in Berlin or Brussels.

Like lawyers, medical practitioners or pharmacists, architects belong to the group of liberal professions, whose occupational titles are protected by law. Only those professionals registered with the chamber of architects in his or her federal state are allowed to call themselves architect, landscape architect, interior designer or urban planner. Even though the admission rules vary slightly between the individual federal states, the chamber system guarantees that all professionals maintain a high level of professional training. This safeguards the quality of architectural and planning services in Germany so esteemed also abroad.