The Vision

Establish the importance of all matters relating to landscape and landscape architecture as the physical, socio-economic, cultural, visual, conceptual and spatial context of our European communities.

The Mission

Our holistic vision demands we establish, support, and promote the landscape architectural profession across Europe, contributing to international discourse, shaping and disseminating European initiatives, facilitating the exchange of information, whilst promoting excellence in professional practice, education and research culminating in a culturally rich, diverse and sustainable Europe.

The Strategy

Prepare and promote thematic subjects relevant for Landscape Architecture in future especially climate change and demographic change.

Act as champion in the promotion of EU and Council of Europe landscape policies, directives and agreements.


Develop and optimise IFLA Europe’s information products in cooperation with relevant partners to reach a wider audience by a better economic approach.
Develop new ways of interactive communication instruments especially for young people.
Develop and maintain contacts and communication with agencies and professional bodies on European level relevant to landscapes including IUCN, UIA, ACE, ECLAS, ELASA, LeNotre, EEB, ISOCARP, CivilScape, UniScape, etc.
Promote some relevant European-wide conferences and seminars.


Promote common IFLA/IFLA Europe education guidelines to national associations and European schools.
Work with IFLA world level and ECLAS to promote a comprehensive world-wide listing of landscape architecture education.
Offer guidance to associations wishing to set up accreditation systems if not already in place and offer advise for the development of new schools with the support from the recognition panel if requested.
Promote a common education platform with ECLAS and ELASA.
Encourage associations to provide information about education programmes and make them available on IFLA website.
Support and argue for full professional education in landscape education in countries where there is no landscape architecture diploma.

Professional Practice

Promote the European Professional Qualification directive in cooperation with national associations.
Assemble examples of registration policies and documents for application and make them available on IFLA/IFLA Europe website for associations.
Develop marketing products and activities under the fact that landscape architects work is getting a broadening scope of professional practice