world landscape architecture month 2018

IFLA Europe marks World Landscape Architecture Month!!!


When: April 13rd 16:00Contact: aep@aepaisajistas.orgOrganized by: La Asociación Española de Paisajistas (+34) 91 5212504Where: Salón de actos del Teatro Casa de Vacas (Parque del Retiro).Paseo de Colombia, s/n, 28009 Madrid,+28009+Madrid/@40.4191725,-3.6862628,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0xd422898c628a9cd:0x7326e958768b633b!8m2!3d40.4191725!4d-3.6840741

World landscape architecture month will be celebrated with a conference on Landscape through the  knowledge of two professional experts in Madrid.

The European Landscape Convention: lights and shadows in its application.

Margarita Ortega Delgado, urban architect, diploma in territorial planning.

The National Plan for Cultural Landscape.

Carmen Caro Jaureguialzo, coordinator of national cultural heritage plans.




When: April 21st


Organized by: Chamber of Architects of Castilla la Mancha – Albacete.

Afonso, H.; Caballero, J.; Castilla, FJ.; Martínez, MT.; Monedero, P.; Monsalve, J.; Piqueras, R.; Ponce, C.; Remiro, A.; Royo, E.

Where: Plaza Mayor of Fuensanta, Castilla la Mancha – Albacete.,+Albacete/@39.2450137,-2.0687057,175m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0xd664b8c844a07f5:0x2bca6d7fdce2c407!8m2!3d39.2451555!4d-2.0690225

Unlike regions where landscape policies exist and are applied, in Castilla-La Mancha there are not regulations or strategies focused on preserving and acting on the landscape. For this reason, the Chamber of Architects of Castilla-La Mancha, promotes an action to raise awareness about landscape, showing its value as an essential part of people’s identity, culture, and wealth. Despite of a critic scenario of progressive depopulation of the regional rural areas, the landscape shows interesting opportunities that inhabitants must detect and benefit from.

The specific objective of this action is to involve Fuensanta citizenships in an event where landscape would be the main character, and neighbors, municipality, associations, and architects would be the observers.

To reach this goal, a participatory day has been organized in collaboration with Fuensanta City Council next April 21st. The agenda will start with a walking tour around the town, guided by their own neighbors. The tour will depart from Plaza Mayor and will go through the village main urban spaces, and some of its natural areas. Finally, attendees will have the opportunity to share their experiences and opinions at the first regional Landscape Forum after the Conference held in Albacete in 2017, which marked a milestone in this subject.




When: April 12nd 15:30

Contact: (+34)934016411

Organized by: Master Arquitectura del Paisaje. ETSAB.

Where: ETSAB – Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona. Av Diagonal 649 – 08028 Barcelona, Spain.’Arquitectura+de+Barcelona/@41.3840028,2.1136109,19.54z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x55ae08511d38edfc!8m2!3d41.3840652!4d2.1140389


CZstudio & associati founded in Venice in 2006 by the architects Paolo Ceccon and Laura Zampieri, is a “work project” to explore conditions, measures, and opportunities for places and its variations, with the intention of moving freely through projects, achievements and research in architecture and landscape architecture. The office is currently working on issues related to the processes of urban space, projects and research on landscape and infrastructure, public and private parks, management of environmental resources and renewable energies.




world landscape architecture month 2017

IFLA Europe marks World Landscape Architecture Month!!!



The Landscape Architecture Day 2017 takes place on Friday the 21nd of April at The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Alnarp. This event is one of Sweden’s most attended industry days, aiming to strengthen the cooperation between professional and future landscape architects as well as companies.
The theme of 2017, Exploring Equal Landscapes is about exploring planning through new perspectives. We want to look into power structures connected to public space and community planning. Whose is the landscape? Who and what can take place there? And how can we make our environments open for different kind of people?
The event is a student initiative started in 2008 by the students at SLU Alnarp and is driven as a non-profit organisation by enthusiastic students from the Program of Landscape Architecture.


2017 is very important for landscape architecture in Croatia. This year is 25th anniversary of Croatian Association of Landscape Architects. Due to this special occasion, HDKA are preparing annual international meeting:
„Landscape architecture and Tourism“, to celebrate 2017 as International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development and World landscape architecture month – April.

International conference „Krajobraz-Krajina-Pejzaž: Landscape architecture and Tourism“ is 4th conference that is organized between Croatian Association of Landscape Architects, Slovenian Association of Landscape Architects and Serbian Association of Landscape Architects.

What is the role of landscape architecture in the planning and designing tourist objects, sites and environment? Are we aware of how important are landscape architects in this processes? Are landscape architects included or not? These are the main question this conference, together with their experts will try to find the answers. Special guest of conference is Mr. Nigel Thorne.

LA and Tourism_Programme 27.3.2017




The World Landscape Architecture Month will be celebrated in Greece by PHALA, through a cultural programme that includes visits to three different sites designed or constructed by its Members.

The visits will be assisted by Landscape Architects involved in the design or construction of the site, and they are open to the public. The announcement is posted on PHALA website.

The first visit will be on Saturday the 8th of April 2017 at Axoni Theatre in Glyfada, Athens, an excellent example of quarry restoration. The visit will be assisted by Nella Goland -Designer of the site-, honourable member of PHALA since 2008.

The second visit will be on Sunday the 23rd of April 2017 at the park of Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre, in Athens. The visit will be assisted by Helli Pangalou, Landscape Architect, who was among the principal designers of the park, as well as by the former President of PHALA and former IFLA Europe Delegate, Thanos Sklavenitis, who was in charge of the construction stage.

The third visit will be on Sunday 7th of May 2017 at the National Garden of Athens. The visit will be assisted by Nikos Tamvakis who is one of the founding members of PHALA and who worked as Chief Horticulturist for 30 years at the National Garden of Athens.





07-09 April 2017 | Warsaw Expo, al. Katowicka 62, 05-830 Nadarzyn

Ptak Warsaw Expo presents its new fair event directed to the gardening industry – International Green Days a place where professionals meet with garden owners and lovers from the country and abroad.

The 5 show-rooms: Landscape architecture, Small Architecture, Gardening, Floristics and Beekeeping, present everything that is connected with a widely understood gardening industry: from ornamental plants, through garden equipment, to beekeeping accessories.

The event allows for establishment of new business contacts with partners from the country and entire Europe. This is facilitated with an invitation to cooperation directed to international companies and diplomatic institutes from all over the world as well as perfect location of Ptak Warsaw Expo.

The annual conference: Contemporary Landscape Architecture, trends, technology, practice WAK14

Annual conference: Contemporary Landscape Architecture, trends, technology, practice WAK 14 is organised by the Polish Association of Landscape Architecture (SAK) on 7 April 2017. This year topic concerns Chinese landscape architecture with special guests Dong Zhang (Z+T Studio), Stanley Lung (Turenscape), Christoph Vantien (Valentien+Valentien)



Serbian association of landscape architects will celebrate the WLAM – April, as the World Landscape Architecture Month with the activities at the 22nd Horticulture Fair (BeoPlantFair 2017), at the Belgrade Fair.

During the fair, SALA will present the exhibition of projects from the International conference “Green Infrastructure” (Zagreb, 2016), which offer the works from three states – Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia, as part of the cooperation of three national associations – DKAS, HDKA and SALA. The second setting will be the Retrospective of the of the Serbian Landscape Exhibition, which will stage winning works of the past 6 Landscape Exhibitions organized by SALA, from 2005 to 2015.

On the 7th of April, a day dedicated to the Landscape Architecture at the Fair, SALA is organizing the series of lectures, followed by the panel discussion.



The World Landscape Architecture Month will be celebrated in Portugal, by APAP,  through its anual General Assembly combined with a cultural programme that includes the visit to the Marquês de Pombal’s Palace and Gardens from the XVIII century. This piece has been designated as a National Monument since 1940.
The recreational farm of the Pombal family is located next to the Laje river, in the municipality of Oeiras, occupying an area of ​​fertile land. The gardens of the palace are develop in remarkable spaces decorated by marble statues and busts, stone walls and staircases tiled, representing the art of landscaping in Portugal. As in former years, this programme makes part of the celebration of the International Day of Monuments and Sites, despite the oficial calendar will take place on the 18th of Abril.  This year, this celebration is devoted to Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism. The visit will be finished at a winery where Carcavelo’s wine is now being produced after this local wine variety has been almost vanished from this region. 
The visit will be assisted by two Landscape Architects, it is open to the public to participate and it is announced on the website of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage (





IFLA Europe WLAM 2016

world landscape architecture month 2016 

IFLA Europe marks World Landscape Architecture Month!!!


This year the Slovenian Association of Landscape Architects / SALA   together with  the Department of Landscape Architecture, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, and with several other supporters is preparing numerous events (the international conference, traditional meeting of associations, exhibition of landscape architecture projects, edition of a monograph), the red thread of them being green systems and/or green infrastructure. We, the landscape architects, wish to expose with them the importance of green spaces and, first of all, the role of planning the green infrastructure for the quality of life and role of our profession in this subject.  Not at last, also Ljubljana – The European Green Capital 2016 – represents an inspiration for this event.


Every year we dedicate various events to the world month of landscape architecture. Our work is supported by several organizations, and above all by several individuals. All events of this year are published in a calendar, and they will be presented in details, together with their organizers, weekly on the website, and daily on our fb profile. This year, the events of the month of landscape architecture started in March already and they will be concluded in June. In numerous Slovene towns, namely in Celje, Ivančna Gorica, Izola, Križevci pri Ljutomeru, Maribor, Murska Sobota, Novo mesto, Piran, Podčetrtek, Ribnica, Slovenj Gradec, Škofja Loka, Velenje, and in Ljubljana, of course, the European Green Capital 2016, several and diverse events will occur, intended for adults and children, citizens, villagers and professional public. The main event was the lecture given on April 4th 2016 by the distinguished  landscape architect, Professor Catharine Ward Thompson, PhD, from Edinburgh’s Openspace Research Centre, which actually represented the introduction in the international conference ”Green Infrastructure – New Challenges for Urban Landscape Planning”


On 17 May 2016 the Slovenian Association of Landscape Architects (SALA) with the Department of Landscape Architecture, Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana and the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RDA LUR), under support of the City Municipality of Ljubljana will organize the international conference “Green Infrastructure – New Challenges for Urban Landscape Planning” in Ljubljana (Estate Hall at the Ljubljana Castle).

The purpose of the Conference is to emphasize the importance of strategic and comprehensive planning of green open space and the role of green open space for the quality of the living environment as also their role in creating the social, cultural and economic value of the urban environment. With the Conference we also wish to draw attention to the importance and role that the landscape architecture has for the planning of durable, smart and people-friendly towns.


On the occasion of the Conference  the already traditional professional meeting of the associations of landscape architects of  Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia entitled »Krajina Krajobraz Pejzaž« will take place. This year it is organized by our Slovene Association in Ljubljana. Last year the meeting took place in Belgrade (Serbia) and the year before in Zagreb (Croatia). Green infrastructure  will also be the theme of this year´s meeting that will take place from 15 till 17 May with the main event occuring on May 17th in Ljubljana in the Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning. The members of both guest associations will participate in the exhibition and conference.


The Conference will be accompanied by the exhibition of examples of green systems from Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. The exhibition will be opened on the eve of the Conference, on May 16th 2016 (Ljubljana Town Hall, Historical atrium), and will stay opened till May  28th 2016. Then it will move to other places in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia and support the performance of new thematic events.


The events will be rounded up with the edition of the academic monograph »The Green System of Ljubljana«, prepared by the Department of Landscape Architecture, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana.

All the announced events will be continously presented in detail on the website of SALA, social networks and in daily newspapers.


Lithuanian Association of Landscape Architects
Lithuanian Association of Landscape Architects

April is the World Landscape Architecture Month and Lithuanian Association of Landscape Architects, LALA joins the activities organized in Lithuania and Europe, also around the world, to celebrate the landscape architecture and the work of landscape architects. International Conference “Formation of Urban Green Areas 2016: Plants and Man” will take place on 27–28 April, 2016 in Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences.

When we are thinking about the plants, we imagine the diversity of colors, shapes, and fragrances. The problems facing plants in their natural environment are not inferior to thecomplexity of our problems: the use of resources has to be optimized, we have to be ready to cope with a number of unforeseen stressors, with the purpose to provide abundance of plant descendants and their optimal growth. A man who is near the plants forms the environment with the assistance of these plants. So, who adapts to whom – the man to plants, or plants to the man…The aim of the conference is to discover the harmony between the interrelation of plants and human, in order to ensure sustainable environmental development. We hope that participants will have an opportunity to establish new contacts, exchange information and share experiences on creation and preservation of sustainable and high-quality living environment.

Conference_Formation of Urban Green Areas_ programme (2016)


“The city, anew”, April 15th, Warsaw Annual conference “Contemporary landscape architecture – trends, technologies and practice”


“Notice! Pedestrian!”

In the light of recent road  accidents we try to improve visibility  of pedestrians on  the streets of Tartu.  Since 85% of accidents happen  to pedestrians whilecrossing a street,our goal  to create safer crossings for  pedestrians.  Also,  that  drivers  would become more aware  of  what  kind  of threat they  pose by  parking  on  a  crosswalk. Goal  of  the project is  also  to  pass a  message for future street and construction planners to more consider the safety of pedestrians.

Public installation “Notice! Break through!”

“Breakthrough” is an installation  in EstoNian  University of Life Sciences campus during  April. Its aim  is  to  get  the  attention of university and university  students to much – needed pedestrian breakthroughs  in the campus;

“Notice! Workshop! Urban picnic furniture!”

The  event  is offering  an  opportunity  for  students  to  build  some  urban  picnic  furniture. Constructed furniture would be set up later in the center of Tartu.

“Notice! Working landscape architect!”

In  collaboration   with  various  agencies  and  departments,  where  landscape  architects  are working  on  a daily  basis, we open  our doors  for curious people who want to find  out  what is like to be a working landscape  architect .

“Notice! Movie night!”

We are showing a movie about landscape  architecture.

“Notice! Urban picnic furniture!”

The   event provides people   with a temporary   installation that   offers  more recreation Opportunities in the public  space. Picnic tables and  benches are placed in  the Tartu city center for people offering an  alternative way to spend some time in green spaces. Benches also show how small landscape  architectural forms and  landscape architecture as a discipline, engaged  in outdoor  living  space, change  the public  urban  space to be more  interesting, user-friendly  and versatile.

“Notice! Good outdoor space!”

Lately, Tartu outdoor  space, particularly  in terms of quantity and  quality,  has been heightened By public attention. Tartu government is preparing  a new comprehensive plan in relation to the parks in  the center, which does  not  leave people indifferent. This event  offers  an opportunity to review these parks and bring  clarity to the case -what is the plan  of city government, what do our citizens want, which is the actual situation  of parks and what would landscape architects do in  this situation?

“Notice! Bike tour!”

This traditional  event is about  driving through Tartu by bikes and  visiting all  the interesting and exciting  places. The  route passes through  all  parts of  the city of  Tartu, the  participants  will  be able  to  examine he  city  of  Tartu more  thoroughly. This  year,  bike tour also  includes Finnish friendship association-VistaRY-members.

Photo Contest “Notice!City pattern!”

The  aim  is to get people  to  notice  the surrounding  space and  its special  character. Theme of the photo  contest is “Notice! City patterns!”.  Participants can give  examples  of  how  they see the urban space, patterns in it and its special character through photographs .

“Notice! Vista!”

Friendship  association of EMÜS – Vista  RY – is  visiting  Estonia  for  the second  time. Vista  RY  is taking  part  in “Notice! Urban  picnic  furniture!” installation. Also are members participating  in “Notice! Bike tour!” in the  context  of visiting the  city  of  Tartu and  its  various  neighborhoods, public  spaces in  the city and university campus. Similarities  and  differences in the use of green spaces will be discussed between two nations during this time of their stay.

“Notice! Ending seminar! Birthday of EMÜS!”

Events of April will have their ending during  this event. A conclusion of the events will be made and prizes will  be given out for the winners of photo contest. This event is also a celebration of EMÜS‘s 17th birthday.

“Notice! Urban picnic!”

The aim is to  open  the  picnic  season  of  2016. Event provides  the  opportunity to  spend  some quality  time with your friends and family eating  and playing  games on the lawn.


HALA logo
SPRING of LANDSCAPE  MON 25th APRIL 2016, 12:00 – EXHIBITION ON CONTEMPORARY LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE of VISEGRAD COUNTRIESMON 25th APRIL 2016, 15:00 – CONFERENCE AND BOOK-DISPLAYTUE 26th APRIL 2016, 17:00 – LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT OF THE YEAR – EXHIBITION AND AWARD CEREMONYProgram in details:25th APRIL 2016, 12:00 – EXHIBITION ON CONTEMPORARY LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE of VISEGRAD COUNTRIESLocation: Szent István University, Faculty of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, building K-Corridor, 40 posters and handout booklet for the visitors

Welcoming: Albert Fekete, International vice-Dean of the Faculty; Attila Vincze and Anna Eplényi, Chair and foreign secretary of HALA; and V4 delegates of the Landscape Architecture Associations: Czech Republic (Klara Salzmann- Jana Pyskova), Poland (Piotr Murdza – Urszula Forczek-Brataniec) and Slovakia (Maria Bihunova).


Location: FUGA – Budapest Centre for Architecture, Petőfi Sándor u. 5.


26th APRIL 2016, 17:00 – Day of Landscape Architecture



The 4-th Landscape Forum “City Park” Moscow on April 5, 2016.

Topic: The comfort of city open spaces.

Professional landscape architects, outstanding representatives of domestic and foreign schools of landscape architecture, heads of profile government structures of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions of Russia, town-planners, ecologists, specialists in cultural studies, housing and communal services managers, teachers, students, representatives of mass media and other experts are invited to take part in discussion.

The Forum is one of two annual general events of ALAROS Association. The second one is  a  festival “The Russian National Award on Landscape Architecture” – it has to be 7-th  time the festival  will take place in Moscow this autumn. Both events include youth activities such as Youth landscape forum,  students competitions and etc.



World landscape architecture month 2015



Activities undertaken in 2015WorldLA_month_IFLA

WorldLA_month_IFLA_B&N WLAM LogoWorldLA_month_IFLA_3015 WLAM Logo


April is Landscape Architecture Month and IFLA Europe joins activities organised in Europe and around the world to celebrate the landscape architecture, raise awareness to the profession and work of landscape architects.

Scapeworld flyer
IFLA Europe Scapeworld

ifla eu launches scapeworld programme 2015

SCAPEWORLD – IFLA Europe launches programme to contribute to the World Landscape Architecture Month. Scapeworld is action group whose objective is to raise awareness about landscape architecture engaging LA students, young practitioners, general public and all those interested in landscape architecture. The main objective is to create initially a virtual space, an area understood as a playground, where LA professionals, young LA practitioners and students can meet, learn about other and present their own landscapes, identity, etc. At a later stage, all activities carried out would be presented to wide public in order to explain better and become more understandable what landscape architecture is and why was it so important for the future of our society.

In this playground there will be many activities, based on creativity, collaboration and handmade work. And at the same time, everyone will be asked to express the landscape perception that they have acquired. This is important for the programme; with this project we would create a big European Global Landscape Identity, throughout activities made and created by the members, and shared using social media. This programme is aimed to help remove the barrier between Landscape professionals and the rest of people. The programme network and activities will be used to better explain what landscape architecture is and represent to practitioners and to promote and bring closer the profession.

Scapeworld – Landscape architects under an almond tree, 26 April 2015, at Parque de la Quinta de los Molinos, in Madrid

Landscape architects will meet in Madrid, at Parque de la Quinta de los Molinos in Madrid on 26 April 2015, to celebrate World Landscape Architecture Month and introduce IFLA Europe’s Scapeworld networking project. This project will create a big European Global Landscape Identity aimed at removing the barrier between landscape and other professionals through activities made and created by the members and shared using social media.  Local authorities, representatives of universities and local supporter associations will also be present to discuss, raise awareness and encourage landscape architects from Madrid and Spain to put new energy into the work.


Estonian Landscape Architecture Students Organization (ELASO or EMÜS in Estonian) celebrates the international Landscape Architecture Month “Backyards”.
Photo competition
During the month of March everyone interested can send in photos under the keyword “Secret garden”. The photos will then be exhibited at all of the other events that ELASO will organize. The public will choose their favourite and at the end of the month the winners will be announced.
The final seminar and ELASO Birthday
This will take place on 30th of March. The winners of the photo competition will be announced and ELASO will also celebrate its 16th birthday.
Recycling old chairs by turning them into public benches, which will be displayed at various places.
The workshops will take place on the 2nd and 9th of April at ELASO premises (Kreutzwaldi 56/3), the benches will be installed and displayed on the 13th of April.
Bikes Out!
22 April 2015 – Bikes Out! This activity will take place at the center of Tartu, on Küüni st. A bicycle mechanic will be present helping anyone fix up their bike for the coming bicycle season. Photos from this event will be exhibited.
Bicycle Tour and Picnic
These events will take place on the 2nd of May. The bicycle tour will follow a path through places that can be described as backyards and will end on the bank of Emajõgi, where a public picnic will take place. Everyone is welcomed to join. We will barbecue, play  games and socialize.
The final seminar and ELASO Birthday
This will take place on the 30th of March. The winners of the photo competition will be announced and ELASO will also celebrate the 16th birthday of our students organization.


WAK10: Landscape architecture in Scandinavia   


The tenth edition of the SAK series “Contemporary landscape architecture – trends, technologies and practice” (WAK10) will take place on 10 April 2015 in Warsaw, Poland.

The Conference is a part of activities which mark Landscape Architecture Month and will be devoted to landscape architecture in Scandinavian countries. The Conference will gather landscape architects, garden designers, students and local authorities.

The speakers include landscape architects and contractors from Scandinavia, including, inter alia, the world-renowned Swedish designer Thorbjörn Andersson and representatives of leading Danish studio 1: 1 Landskab.

More about the Conference program on the following link:


Associaçao Portuguesa
Dos Arquitectos Paisagistas


The Portuguese landscape architects will meet on the 24 April, in Oporto, in Casa da Prelada , under a monumental tree, to celebrate the International day for Monuments and Sites and the World Landscape Architecture Month (WLAM).

The event is organized by the Portuguese Association of Landscape Architects with the Oporto and Trás-os-Montes Universities (FCUP and UTAD).

There will be a guided visit to the garden, a picnic and a tribute will be held to the memorable Oporto landscape architect, Ilídio de Araújo.

The way for the future in the North of Portugal will be discussed on what it concerns to the Landscape Architecture in Portugal.

Some pictures will be taken to the “Designed by a Landscape Architect” campaign the American Society of Landscape Architects is promoting for the ALAM.

For more information please visit:



Landscape Architect and Junior Landscape Architect of the Year
In every April since 2011, Hungary celebrates its accomplished landscape architecture professionals with the Prize of Landscape Architect of the Year. On an evening close to the day when Frederic Law Olmsted was born, the Landscape Architect and the Junior Landscape Architect of the Year is named year-to-year.
The Prize has been founded by Hungarian Association of Landscape Architects alongside with the Landscape Architectural Department of Chamber of Hungarian Architects and the Semmelrock Stein+Design LLP.

This years event will take place on the 23rd of April in FUGA Contemporary Architecture Centre in Budapest.

As a tradition, a foreign jury member is invited to participate in the award process and also to contribute in the dissemination of the Prize all around Europe. In 2013, the Italian Association of Landscape Architecture has been welcomed, while in 2014 the Federation of German Landscape Architects joined the team of juries. In 2015, in favour of the Visegrad Countries initiative, the Association of Polish Landscape Architects, Stowarzyszenie Architektury Krajobrazu delegates a jury member.

Follow the news on Prize of Landscape Architect of the Year in our Facebook page, and also, you’re warmly welcomed to join the event.

Following the success of the Landscape Odyssey 2010 posters exhibition series in Hungary, we intend to collect the best landscape projects between 2010-2015 and hereby we’re inviting you to join our initiative.

Landscape Odyssey 2010 included high quality landscape architectural projects from Hungary, while introduced them country-wide in a frame of an exhibition series and disseminated this collection as a catalogue over Central Europe. The exhibition visited Budapest, Debrecen, Miskolc, Békéscsaba, Győr, Fehérvárcsurgó, Subotica (RS) and Târgu Mures (RO) and closed with total 5000 visitors. The catalogue was published bilingual, in Hungarian and in English and it is available online here.

In this year’s exhibition our aim is to introduce two new approaches: refresh the theme and invite contributors from the V4 countries; Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakien.

2015LANDSCAPEODYSSEY will welcome posters covering the following 8 topics:

01 garden design (or garden architecture)
02 open space design (or urban design)
03 urban landscape (or urban development)
04 landscape development (or spatial development)
05 landscape protection (or nature conservation)
06 research & theory (or scientific work)
07 social movement (or public action)
08 landart & street art (or small scale design & art)

The exhibition will take place between 7-29th May, in Budapest. Entry fee: 800 HUF.

Exhibition opening ceremony
Event date: 17:00 7th May, 2015.
Venue: Pesti Vigado, Vigado ter 2., Budapest 1054
View on map

International Conference
Event date: 10:00 – 16:00 8th May, 2015.
Venue: FUGA Contemporary Architecture Centre Budapest, Petofi Sandor u. 5.
View on map

For the opening ceremony and the conference, more info and registration here.

On May 9 2015 the 4th edition in the Landscape Architecture Europe book series will be presented in Budapest. The book launch takes place at FUGA – Center for Architecture.

14.30h Coffee
15.00h Kathryn Moore (LAE board)

15.10h Lisa Diedrich, chief editor of LAE: the LAE book project – selection and content
15.30h Dominika Tihanyi (Ujirany Landscape Architects): public art projects in the Palace Quarter
15.45h Marinke Steenhuis, LAE essayist: Healing modernity – approaches in European landscape architecture

16.30 Kathryn Moore (LAE board) hands out first copies to Nigel Thorne, representative of IFLA Europe, Peter Schuchmann (Hungarian Chamber of Architects), György Alföldi (Jozsefvaros Rehabilitation & Urban Development Plc) and Gajus Scheltema, Dutch ambassador (to be confirmed)

17.00 Drinks, snacks, chat

May 10 Excursion
11.00 – 14.00h Bus tour to landscape projects in Budapest, guided by Albert Fekete (Corvinus University).
Fee: 15 euros per person (this needs to be paid in cash)

Send an email to before April 23. Please indicate if you want to join the excursion on Sunday.
Location: FUGA – Center for Architecture, 1052 Budapest, Petőfi Sándor utca 5.

Book information
The book will be available at the special price for members of IFLA Europe, ECLAS and all landscape architects who made an entry for the book. More information on the book in our next newsletter.

This publication has been made possible by the financial support of IFLA, Creative Industries Fund NL, NH Bos Foundation, Swiss Federation of Landscape Architects (BSLA), Dutch embassy, Józsefváros 8th District (City of Budapest) and many sponsors.

The book launch is connected to the 2015: Landscape Odyssey event. This exhibition represents the most significant works of Hungarian contemporary landscape architecture and demonstrates a cross section of landscape architecture in other Visegrad Countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland). The exhibition starts on May 7, on May 8 there is an international conference.

Landscape Architecture Europe 4 open call for entries had over 500 submissions, from which an international jury of professionals (Paolo Bürgi (chair), Monika Gora, Jandirk Hoekstra, Thierry Kandjee, Laura Zampieri) selected 44 projects of outstanding quality. The book is edited by Lisa Diedrich (editor-in-chief), Jessica Bridger, Mark Hendriks and Claudia Moll.


Lithuanian Association of Landscape Architects
Lithuanian Association of Landscape Architects


April is the World Landscape Architecture Month and Lithuanian Association of Landscape Architects, LALA joins the activities organized in Lithuania and Europe, also around the world, to celebrate the landscape architecture and the work of landscape architects. International Conference “Formation of Urban Green Areas 2015: public spaces” will take place on 22–23 April, 2015 in Klaipeda State College.

The conference aim is to find the harmonious relationship between human and public space, seeking to ensure sustainable development of the environment.  We hope that participants will have an opportunity to establish new contacts, exchange information and share experiences on creation and preservation of sustainable and high-quality living environment.

LKAS Invitation_Formation_of_Urban_ Green_ Areas_2015 Lithuania – FINAL

More details and programme of the Conference available on LKAS Conference FORMATION OF URBAN GREEN AREAS programme (2015) Lithuania


AIAPP- Associazione Italiana di Architettura del Paesaggio is celebrating every year April as World Landscape Architecture Month by event called “Giardini e Paesaggi Aperti” on 11 and 12 April, when in all AIAPP Regions there are organised technical tours based on the theme of the year, this year being“Landscapes and Agriculture”.

More information and updates about the tours program and registrations could be found on AIAPP website at:

Moreover AIAPP joined together with ASLA Chapters, participating at their “designed by landscape architect” campaign by the hashtag #WLAM2015 #WLAM2015AIAPPItaly sharing pictures on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)