I. Professional Practice Services

a) Path to Professional Practice

-          Investigate membership requirements within the member associations and the status of landscape profession/professionals in European countries;

-          Update the overview about landscape internship possibilities/rules and first professional working experiences opportunities.

b) Professional Practice Services

–         Investigate the requirements and the modifications processes going on in Landscape Architecture, Landscape Planning, Urban Planning and Public Space Design across Europe to raise the awareness about their effects on landscape architectural professions and human environment.

c) Professional Practice Services

-          Promote the exchange of information among member associations about policies & professional practice requirements for working in landscape architecture/planning fields in foreign countries

-          Investigate the possibilities/obstacles/difficulties in working in foreign countries.

II. Policies and cooperation on Professional Practice  

a) EU and CoE Policies

–         Continue to promote and lobby for Landscape Architecture Policies at European and National level.

b) Professional Practice services and cooperation

–         Investigate the influence of politics on landscape architecture and the relationships/co operations among the landscape architects and the other landscape professionals (architects, public spaces’ planners, urban planners, engineers, agronomists, etc.). Continue to promote and lobby for Landscape Architecture Policies and strengthening the role of Landscape Architecture at European and National level.

III. Working Groups and topics on Professional Practice

a) IFLA Europe internal/external relationships

–         Collate, update and circulate member associations’ basic & remarkable documents. Organize Working groups to support the services, support NA ́s and to strengthen the profession Landscape Architecture.

b) IFLA Europe internal/external relationships

–         Organize workshops, conferences, seminars and congress on the arising professional thematic issues (landscape planning systems, landscape urbanism, water systems, infrastructures, etc.)

–         Start press campaign on urban landscape topics