ifla europe committee on
professional practice

The committee on professional practice currently focus on the following core projects:

1. Professional Qualification Directive (PQD)

Project Manager: Fritz Auweck , fritz.auweck@hswt.de
Members: Toño Sopesens, t.sopesens@glpaisajistas.com; Karl Grimm, k.grimm@grimm.co.at; Niek Hazendonk, NVTL (Netherlands)

2. Green Infrastructure

Project manager: Leor LOVINGER [ISALA, Israel]
Working  group: Ian  PHILLIPS [LI,  United  Kingdom], Fritz  AUWECK [BDLA,  Germany],  Rafael NARBONA [AEP, Spain], Tono  SOPESENS [AEP, Spain], Cristina  DEL  POZO [AEP,
Spain], Karl GRIMM [ÖGLA, Austria], Anna SESSAREGO [AIAPP, Italy], Carlo BRUSCHI [AIAPP, Italy], Klara
SALZMANN [CZLA, Czech Republic], Tamas DÖMÖTOR [HALA, Hungary], Frans BOOTS [NVTL, Netherlands]

3. Professional Recognition Assisatance (PRA)

Project manager: Hermann Georg Gunnlaugsson [Vp PP, Iceland]
Working group: Fritz AUWECK [PQD Project, BDLA, Germany],
Marina Cervera [IFLA Chair PPP /  IFLA Europe / ECLAS Working Group, Spain]; Helena Gutmane [IFLA Chair UIA working Group, Latvia], Ilya Mochalov, [IFLA Global Professional Standards, Russia], Carlo BRUSCHI [AIAPP, Italy], Cristina DEL POZO [AEP, Spain],

4. Other EU Policies

Coordinator: HGG, vppractice@iflaeurope.eu (part of the Policies and cooperation on Professional Practice)

5. ILC / ELC

Coordinator: HGG, vppractice@iflaeurope.eu / Ana Luengo, ex-president IFLA Europe /

6. Assistance for establishment of NA´s and IFLA Eurpe enlargement

Project initiated by IFLA Europe President Tony Williams and IFLA Europe Advisor Carlo Bruschi.

7. Project Office Manager (POM)
Coordinator: HGG, vppractice@iflaeurope.eu / Tony Williams, president IFLA Europe