Renewal of plant heritage in historic parks and gardens: the management of trees


Friday 17 May 2019, Carlos V Palace, Alhambra, Granada

The event is aimed at promoting and facilitating the exchange of professional knowledge on the management and maintenance of our landscape heritage. For this purpose, its main objective will be to highlight the unique character of the arboreal heri-tage of the historic gardens and parks, with the program detailed below.

The Florence Charter, referential document for intervention in historical gardens, defines historic gardens as: “…an architectural composition whose constituents are primarily vegetal and therefore, living, which means that they are perishable and renewable”. In the same way, in article 11, it says “being vegetal your main material, the garden conservation requires both specific replacements and a long-term periodic renewals program”. As mentioned in the Charter of Florence, the arboreal vegetation is not only a component of the personality of historic parks and gardens, but in many cases, one of fundamental characteristics of the different stages of maturity. For this reason, the biological time of vegetal material requires its maintenance to be carried out with a very wide range of measures taken over the years. These should go together with the different dynamic cycles which are essential to gardens and parks themselves, guaranteeing long-lasting heritage attributes and values. However, although many normative documents affect the importance of the vegetal material in historic gardens, there are few specific studies aimed at establishing criteria on the intervention in them. This international meeting will discuss the methodology of the intervention in the arboreal vegetation within the context of the gardens and historic parks, by means of conferences and debates. At the same time, it will work on the implementation of a series of recommendations about actions in the arboreal heritage of gardens and historic parks to establish guide and criteria, taking into account the legislation and methodology of any intervention in an asset of patrimonial value.

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