A core IFLA Europe aspiration is to raise the standard of professional practice across the member states of Europe. One of the main preconditions for this is to establish an approved level of higher education qualifications. IFLA Europe has adopted guideline requirements and procedures in relation to recognition of taught Landscape Architecture Programmes, which are presented to all institutions dealing with landscape architectural education. These standards are harmonised with those promoted by the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA), as well as aligning with requirements made within the Bologna Declaration.

Two main documents – IFLA Charter for landscape architectural education (with IFLA Europe addenda) and IFLA Guidance Document for Recognition or Accreditation (with IFLA Europe addenda) describe the main principles, aspirations, criteria, content and duration for professional educational programmes in landscape architecture and serve as a basis for the recognition of landscape architecture programmes.

The Panel is an assembly of IFLA EUROPE delegates / landscape architects formed to review applications from Educational Institutions. Applications for IFLA EUROPE recognition are dealt by the SRP. Members of the SRP are chosen by the decision of the IFLA EUROPE Education committee.

Recognition is a quality label for a LA program which meets up with the IFLA Europe standards for education, following the two documents: IFLA Charter Landscape Architectural Education 2012 (E1) and IFLA Guidance Document for Recognition or Accreditation (E2)

School Recognition Panel provides a detailed assessment of Schools and Institutions providing Landscape Architectural Education and reviews the applications within the IFLA Europe region.

IFLA Charter for Landscape Architectural Education-Revised-2012 (with IFLA Europe addenda)

This Charter, as a universal document, can help in the understanding that landscape architectural education constitutes both the socio-cultural, ecological and professional challenge of the contemporary world; and requires the guarantee of protection, development and urgent action. Combined with IFLA Europe’s Addenda, the Charter sets out principles, objectives, criteria and duration requirements for professional educational programmes in landscape architecture.

IFLA Guidance Document for Recognition for Accreditation (with IFLA Europe addenda)