Seminar ”Thirty thoughts about time” organised by Swedish Academy for Landscape Architecture 8-9 November 2018, Gothenburg, Sweden

Sveriges Arkitekter
The Swedish Architects Academy for Landscape Architecture in collaboration with local associations arranges seminars every year in different cities. The intentions of these seminars are to enhance the dialogue within the professional body of landscape architects and to create local meeting points where we can share professional experiences and knowledge.
The Siena award is landscape architecture most prestigious price in Sweden where meritorious landscape architecture is awarded. Last year (2017) The Siena price was administered for the thirtieth time and the awarded team was SWECO in collaboration with Gothenburg city. Because of this the arranged seminar 2018 will focus on The Siena award and the dimension of time. In landscape architecture time is the fourth dimension that constitutes unique opportunities and challenges within landscape architecture. Human use, ecological processes in vegetation and soil as well as cityscapes are in constant change and have to be managed and considered in landscape architecture. What has happened to the places that were awarded The Siena award thirty years ago? How can time be considered when we assess quality in landscape architecture?
With the subheading ”Thirty thoughts about time” this year’s seminar will reflect on passed time and the future. Questions on how true sustainability is obtained will be discussed through the examples of thirty places, all awarded with The Siena award.
The seminar will be held the 8-9 November in Gothenburg in the world heritage museum (Värdskulturmuseet).