IFLA Europe is a not-for-profit, professional federation formed to serve the mutual interests of its landscape architect members, to promote the profession throughout Europe and to respond effectively to the many challenges of our built and non-built environment.

IFLA Europe main aims are to the promote the profession of landscape architecture at a European level, to represent the profession to the institutions of the European Union, the Council of Europe and to other pan European bodies and also to provide an active framework for spreading information about landscape architecture both within and outside the profession, with specific reference to maintaining comparably high standards of education and professional practice.

IFLA Europe collaborates with the European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools (ECLAS) and with the European Landscape Architects Students Association (ELASA) and aims to work closely with other related pan-European professional bodies, such as the Architects Council of Europe, the European Council of Town Planners and the European Council of Interior Architects.

IFLA Europe represents 34 national associations of landscape architects across Europe. Together, approximately 15,000 landscape architects are represented across Europe.

IFLA Europe head office is based in Brussels and constitutes the European Region of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA). IFLA has four regions – Americas, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe (a legal entity in its own right) – and therefore, offers more extensive sponsorship opportunities across the world and different continents, which may benefit the specific demands of your company or organisation.

IFLA Europe offers its partners the opportunity to showcase their business and to make valuable contacts with key decision-makers in the areas of landscape architecture, including (but not limited to) master-planning, project design, urban design, project implementation, contract administration, land management and landscape planning.

IFLA Europe has made available four unique Sponsorship Packages that allow for a range of opportunities dependent upon the level of investment sponsorship selected. These range from corporate branding on the new web site, to inclusion within weekly communications, advertisements within IFLA Europe’s publications both online and hard copy, as well as placement within the marketing of IFLA Europe’s Annual General Assembly and newsletter. Other options can be negotiated to suit particular requirements.

Sponsorship arrangements and exclusive agreements currently available by market sector are as follows:

  • paving
  • street furniture
  • lighting
  • nurseries exclusive sponsor: Van den Berk
  • play equipment
  • seeds
  • computer software packages
  • computer hardware and printing packages
  • drainage materials
  • irrigation supplies: Hunter Industries
  • tools and machinery
  • sustainable technology

For any further information regarding Sponsorship agreements, please contact secretariat@iflaeurope.eu

Sponsor Package includes on-going branding for a comprehensive 3-year period.
The Exclusive Sponsor package is suited to those companies desiring high-level exposure throughout the year via IFLA Europe’s wide-ranging communication facilities and membership activities


  • Identification of Exclusive Sponsor Logo on all marketing and promotional material issued via IFLA Europe.
  • Exclusive Sponsor signage at IFLA Europe’s Annual General Assembly and ‘headline’ presence on the General Assembly programme
  • Identification of Exclusive Sponsor Logo in main IFLA Europe e-publications.


  • Half page editorial in one issue of IFLA Europe’s e-publications (on-line journal, year book)
  • Profile on IFLA Europe website (logo in all site pages) and hyperlink to Sponsor’s site
  • Access to the Member’s Area on IFLA Europe website (normally a restricted area, this permits access to a select list of landscape architects including presidents of all the national associations, senior members of the profession and to landscape architects specifically engaged in the European market)
  • Opportunity to utilise IFLA Europe’s e-publications for a one-off, half-page annual announcements
  • Exclusive Sponsors are invited to attend the annual seminar


  • IFLA Europe Affiliate Membership is available for one Exclusive Sponsor representative
  • Exclusive Sponsors will receive all IFLA Europe member communications including email broadcasts and e-publications
  • Exclusive Sponsors will receive invitations to professional and social events throughout the year offering networking opportunities
  • All communication will be facilitated by IFLA Europe Head Office in Brussels

Sponsor Package includes on-going branding for a comprehensive 3-year period
The Premium Sponsor package is suited to those companies desiring medium-level exposure annually via IFLA Europe’s communications and membership activities


  • Identification of Premium Sponsor Logo on all marketing and promotional material issued via IFLA Europe
  • Premium Sponsor Logo visibility on the General Assembly programme
  • Identification of Premium Sponsor Logo in main IFLA Europe e-publications,


  • Premium Sponsor Profile on IFLA Europe website (logo in all site pages) and hyperlink to Sponsor’s homepage
  • Opportunity to utilise the IFLA Europe on-line Journal or Year book for a one-off, quarter page annual announcement

Sponsor Package includes on-going branding throughout the 3 years
The Main Sponsor package is suited to those companies desiring general exposure annually via IFLA Europe communications and membership activities


  • Identification of Main Sponsor Logo on all marketing and promotional material issued through IFLA Europe
  • Main Sponsor Logo visibility on the General Assembly programme
  • Identification of Main Sponsor Logo in IFLA Europe e-publications


  • Main Sponsor Profile on IFLA Europe website (logo in all site pages) and hyperlink to Sponsor’s homepage·

Sponsor Package includes product or service promotion throughout the 1-year period
Standard sponsorship arrangements include:


  • Standard Sponsor logo and hyperlink visibility on the home page of IFLA Europe website (shown in the gallery of all sponsors)


  • Standard Sponsor logo and hyperlink in ‘IFLA Europe on-line Journal
  • Special arrangements for occasional ‘banners’ and advertisements

Alternative benefits may be negotiated in all packages at additional charge rates

In addition IFLA Europe will consider exclusive sponsors for specific events, seminars or conferences. In each case benefits and charge rates will be negotiated separately with due regard to specific circumstances and requirements.


Platinum exclusive sponsors

Van Den Berk


Van den Berk Nurseries is literally deeply rooted in the fertile soils of Midden-Brabant (Central Brabant). The company, located in Sint-Oedenrode, has been in existence for nearly 75 years and is engaged in the cultivation of avenue trees, conifers, topiary trees, rhododendrons and solitary trees and shrubs in large sizes. Van den Berk’s production has expanded to almost 500 hectares, of which 380 are in the Netherlands and the remaining 120 hectares are spread across two locations in Germany. This makes them one of the larger tree nurseries in Europe. Our trees are shipped throughout Europe and even beyond. Customers include public authorities, semi-public authorities, landscape contractors and private individuals.

Van den Berk Facts:
•3 locations: Sint-Oedenrode (NL, headquarters),Geldern (G) and Rastede (G, rhododendron nursery)
•Our plots occupy around 500 hectares of land
•Specialized in large-size trees and shrubs
•Also for exclusive types, special shapes and multi-trunk trees
•More than 1,750 types of trees and shrubs
•More than 180 types of rhododendrons
•Trees in sizes 16-18 to 200+ cm trunk circumference
•Shrubs and multi-trunk trees ranging from 60/80 to 900/1000 cm in height
•Rhododendrons ranging from 40 cm to 400 cm in height and width
•Export to over 25 countries
•In-house, multilingual logistics department
•Publisher of the 880 page tree book ‘Van den Berk on Trees’
•Family business led by the 3rd generation
•Winner of the ‘Tuinbouwondernemersprijs 2009’ (award for entrepreneurs in horticulture)
•Winner of the ‘Bronze Rose 2009’ in the international ‘Grower of the Year’ competition.

75 years love of trees

In 75 Years Van den Berk Nurseries grew to its current size. At the start, growing poplars was a side activity to Grandfather’s livestock breeding. Immediately after World War II, wood from this fast growing tree was in great demand. It was used in the manufacture of wooden shoes, matchsticks and paper. In 1946, Grandfather Van den Berk grew poplars from cuttings that were approved by the NAK-B (Netherlands Inspection Service for Woody Nursery Stock). This was the first approved production.  Early in the 1960’s, the sons joined the company, which was still a mixed activity enterprise. They worked in the fields during the day and in the evening, they attended classes to learn the profession of tree-nurseryman. After cutting Ligustrum and Berberis, inoculating roses, sowing woodlands such as oak, birch and beech, the tone was set. In the period between 1965 and the early ‘70’s, livestock breeding was abandoned. The brothers conservatively bought more land.

In the 1960’s, trees were grown on an area 25 hectares in size. That has now expanded to 450 ha. The number of employees has also grown. At present, there are 95 people employed in the company and the third generation of the Van de Berk family is firmly at the helm.


Hunter industries 

Hunter Industries is a global manufacturer of innovative irrigation systems and solutions. Founded in 1981, the family-owned company is based in San Marcos, California, USA and offers more than 1,000 products including a complete spectrum of water-efficient solutions for residential, commercial, municipal, golf, and high-end irrigation systems. Hunter’s mission is to produce innovative products of the highest quality and back them with unwavering customer support. Hunter is leader in corporate social responsibility, committed to producing innovative solutions that save water and energy. For more information go to www.hunterindustries.com

IFLA EUROPE wishes to thank the following companies for their support

Gabinete juridico Manuel Castellano mcp_logo_8


  Manuel Castellanos Gabinete Juridico

Teléfono: +34 915670145  |  Fax: +34 915720061     Paseo de la Castellana, 161, 1º D 28046 MADRID     mcastellanos@abogadosmcp.com




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T. +34 913 19 74 00 E-mail: ip@imagenyproducto.com