Symposium “IMPLEMENTATION OF THE EUROPEAN LANDSCAPE CONVENTION – Liabilities in design and planning projects” 11-12 April 2019, in Thessaloniki, Greece

April is World Landscape Architecture Month and to celebrate the occasion, the Joint Postgraduate Program of Studies in Landscape Architecture AUTh is organising a Symposium regarding the European Landscape Convention, Council of Europe and the liabilities derived from this, regarding works and projects. In this celebration of the landscape, we invite to collaborate all relevant members of academia, ministries, authorities, societies and organisations and the public. The European Landscape Convention is the first legal document dedicated entirely to the ‘landscape’ and aims at protecting, managing, planning and designing the landscape for the improvement of the quality of life and wellbeing of people. We discuss the Convention, liabilities in regards to projects, which according to the Convention, concern the human rights, democracy and sustainable development. Speakers are called to focus on the level of ‘compatibility’ of Greek studies, works and projects to the aims and goals set by the ratification of the European Landscape Convention. The thematic categories are the following:

- Implementation of the European Landscape Convention

- Protection, Management, Planning and Design of the Landscape

- Studies, works and projects

- Landscape Architecture and the environment

Please consult the Programme for all details: 2019 Symposium Programme

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