Tree Health, Green Infrastructure and Health and Well Being event organised by Landscape Institute, 25 September 2018

Join the Landscape Institute on Tuesday 25 September at Mersey Forest, Ordnance Avenue, Warrington for a day of landscape and placemaking learning, considering the benefits of GI through the lens of health outcomes and natural capital accounting.

There is now irrevocable evidence that green infrastructure is instrumental in promoting health and well-being. With new initiatives and focus both at central and local government level, placing ‘green’ into infrastructure is a challenge landscape professionals will continue to face throughout their careers.

At this CPD event we will consider the Mersey Forest as an exemplar of Green Infrastructure in connecting People, Place and Nature, it’s impressive legacy and challenges. We look at the risks and benefits to trees and green infrastructure present, health benefits and methodologies to measure value. With a Mersey Forest tour, this event brings together senior landscape professionals, private developers, health practitioners, tree health officers and chartered foresters, looking to share best and next practice whilst considering how we lead on and advocate green infrastructure.

The next LI CPD Day will be on Tuesday 25 September 2018 at Risley Moss Nature Reserve, Warrington.

  • Join us for a day of landscape learning and knowledge-sharing through presentations, guided tours, advocacy workshops and networking sessions
  • See how the Mersey Forest is an exemplar of green infrastructure in how it connects people, place and nature, and consider its impressive legacy and challenges
  • Examine the risks and benefits to green infrastructure, its health benefits, and methodologies to measure its value
  • Come together with senior landscape professionals, private developers, health practitioners, tree health officers and tree professionals, and consider how as a profession we can lead on and advocate green infrastructure to policymakers
  • Explore the legacy of design principles and their lessons for landscape professionals and masterplanners
  • Learn how to embrace net gain assessment early in the masterplanning phase, ensuring cost-efficient, sustainable outcomes
  • See how to use spatial data and quantitative analysis to demonstrating where and why ecosystem services are needed
  • Learn a standardised methodology for net gain assessment that yields the greatest benefits for all stakeholders
  • Find out about current health and wellbeing pressures in the UK, and see the state, extent and implications of the evidence linking green infrastructure and health outcomes
  • Get the latest outcomes on contemporary issues and methodologies within physical activity research from the Natural Health Service
  • Develop your awareness of biosecurity risks to green infrastructure, potential actions to mitigate them, and how to respond to arrivals of serious pests or diseases

Explore the legacy of local green infrastructure through Warrington New Town 50th anniversary celebrations. How does it relate to the development and needs of the wider Birchwood area today? How might natural capital thinking be applied? How is the area being used as a health asset? And how can we influence the private and public sectors to include green infrastructure in future development and planning requirements?

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About CPD Days

Continuing professional development, or CPD, is a crucial aspect of professional body membership.

The LI asks all our corporate members to complete a minimum of 25 hours’ CPD activity per year. This is to help members uphold the highest standards of professional competence and knowledge.

To this end, the LI will run a full programme of CPD and specialist events from autumn 2018 and throughout 2019. A core element of all these events will be an inclusive interactive learning session delivered by a specialist in the field of study. (For members who can’t attend a CPD day in person, we will also live stream a selection of sessions on the day.)

LI CPD days are an excellent and affordable way for LI members and landscape-related professionals to develop their professional knowledge and expertise. The cost of attendance includes lunch, refreshments and networking opportunities.