VIINIKANLAHTI 2030 International urban ideas competition 2019–2020

International urban ideas competition 2019–2020
Tampere comp
Viinikanlahti 2030 New lakeside district in the city centre
Open international urban ideas competition
Stage 1: 15 May–27 September 2019
Stage 2: 15 November 2019–14 February 2020
In 2019–2020, Tampere, the most dynamic city in Finland, will provide an attractive competition task for creative urban and landscape planners from all around the world. The lakeside district of Viinikanlahti will extend the city centre towards the south. The location and the scenery are perfect for most interesting combinations of modern urban housing, flexible future-oriented services and other functions, as well as innovative urban green solutions. Smart urban traffic and infrastructure, low-carbon building activities and solutions based on a vibrant urban culture will be appreciated. For competitors, the City of Tampere offers the possibility of a totally digital participation. A total of 165,000 euros in prizes will be awarded in the competition. In addition, 30,000 euros will be paid to each of those teams selected for the second phase.
A housing area for 3,000 residents that extends the centre of Tampere. Recreational areas on the shore and a connection to the tramway. New concepts of urban construction, architecture, landscape, and mobility. A sustainable city and 21st century people. The competition is open to all and has two phases. Will be launched in May 2019, and the winner will be announced in spring 2020. Digital participation is supported. Organised by the City of Tampere in cooperation with the Finnish Association of Architects, SAFA, and the Association of Finnish Landscape Architects MARK.
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