GLF Biodiversity Digital Conference: One World - One Health

GLF Biodiversity Digital Conference: One World - One Health

Integrated land- and seascape approaches are effective instruments for mainstreaming biodiversity in the post-2020 era. They can help to address the major drivers of biodiversity loss, and offer cross-sectoral policy instruments to combine nature conservation, ecological restoration and sustainable land and water use at a larger scale.

With global health pandemics and climate change creating a world of unknowns, we still have the power to step up to restore the earth. Get an inside look at the latest pathways
to transformative change envisioned by the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the 2020-2030 UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.See how the world’s leading organizations use landscapes to solve today’s most pressing biodiversity challenges. Experience the GLF Biodiversity Digital Conference online, from wherever you are. Join
discussions with biodiversity experts, set up virtual meetings with co-participants and immerse yourself in a learning track designed to answer your specific questions and spark your imagination.

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