Greening Cities -Shaping Cities, An international research symposium

Greening Cities -Shaping Cities, An international research symposium

The proposed GREENING CITIES-SHAPING CITIES symposium (to be held at the Politecnico di Milano, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies, DASTU) aims to address how greening strategies such as the integration of nature and nature-based solutions (NBS) into the built environment encounters opportunities and challenges in shaping cities in terms of transformation, occurring both in the domains of morphology and governance, through inclusive co-production of space.

Key questions to be addressed at the symposium emerge from Clever Cities ongoing research project, investigating in particular the role of NBS to address urban regeneration challenges and promote social inclusion in cities across Europe, South America and China.

Attending the symposium is free of charge and publications costs will be waived for selected papers upon a double-blind peer review process. In continuity with the previous edition of the symposium (Sharing Cities, Shaping Cities) the opportunity will be given to authors to benefit from a free submission to a ‘special issue’ to be published in an international scientific journal.

This second edition of the research symposium aims at bringing together academics, experts from cities and regions, researchers, practitioners and municipalities representatives to debate on key themes and fundamental challenges addressed while implementing NBS in urban regeneration processes.

The symposium presents, hence, an opportunity for attendees to showcase recent research findings from fieldwork and real case-study experiences of NBS implementation to reflect on possible advancements to spatial, urban governance, capacity building, and citizen engagement challenges.

Main themes and emerging questions:

  1. Spatial challenges of NBS implementation in practice
  2. Sharing governance and Capacity Building for NBS
  3. Mainstreaming NBS in urban planning policies and decision-making processes
  4. Citizen engagement in urban greening processes and co-design experiences of NBS

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There is no cost to attend and catering will be provided; however travel costs would be self-funded. Registration is obligatory toobtain the pass to the event through this link

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