International Landscape Day of Council of Europe

International Landscape Day of Council of Europe

IFLA Europe and its National Associations are marking 20 October - International Landscape Day of Council of Europe, (please insert ELC logo) entitled “Landscape and Water”. On this occasion IFLA Europe members across Europe organised various events:

In Spain AEP is organising event on 19 October at Retiro Park, Madrid. The event will discuss landscape and water with presentations from AEP President Mr. José Luis Romeu Lamaignère as well as

  1. BLUE INFRASTRUCTURE: arteries of landscape life by Pedro Calaza, PhD Landscape Architect, PhD Agronomist
  2. 3D TOOLS FOR DESIGN LUMION, Sponsor Partner of the AEP
  3. THE GARDENS OF ROYAL MANSOUR: Water - a stream of life in the Medina of Marrakech, by Luis Vallejo, Landscape architect.
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