Working Group members:

- Francesca Neonato, AIAPP Italy member - Professor in Environmental and Applied Botany, Politecnico of Milano, Expert in Regenerative Agriculture

- Lena Athanassiadou, IFLA Europe Delegate from PHALA Greece - School of Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Environment, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, PHALA Vice President Communications

- Steffi Schüppel, AIAPP Italy member - Chair of the BDLA Saxony, the German Landscape Architecture Association

- Nicoletta Piersantelli, AIAPP Italy member, Secretary of AIAPP Ligurian Section, member of Genoa Architect Foundation Board, Expert in participatory processes and stakeholder engagement

- Manuel Sanchez Hernandez, IFLA Europe Delegate AEP Spain - Expert in Restoration of Historical Gardens and CulturalLandscapes, Director of the “Cine en el Jardín” and of the Extremadura Landscape Festival

- Albert Fekete, IFLA Europe Delegate HALA Hungary - Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Science, Institute of Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning and GardenArt Budapest


make European inventory of agricultural heritage systems according to GIAHS guidelines; Investigate and promote the submission of potential GIAHS sites all over in Europe

Create an information leafleton on Agricultural Landscapes and GIAHS importance, first to increase awareness of landscape architects and eventually of a larger public;

Share knowledge about EU policies concerning Agricultural Landscapes and GIAHS, with a specific focus on the EU Conservation Agriculture (EIP-AGRI), the EU Biodiversity Strategy and the Farm to Fork strategy as core topic of the European Green Deal, in order to raise the awareness about the value of rural landscapes as material and immaterial heritage and improving their planning and designing;

Promote the profession of landscape architects at EU level, especially in the European Commission, raise the overall awareness of competences of landscape architects related to Agricultural Landscapes and GIAHS, while fulfilling the strategic aims of the EU;

Represent landscape architecture as a profession at relevant scientific, professional and awareness raising events dedicated to Agricultural Landscapes and GIAHS, both nationally and internationally.

Agricultural Landscape, when is sustainably cultivated, is an expression of human biodiversity linked to a wider concept of biodiversity, the result of a co-evolution process between man and nature.

GIAHS is a FAO (UN Food and Agriculture Organization) Global Partnership Initiative on conservation and adaptive management. The programme is based on the search for economic viability of the system, the identification of environmentally sustainable strategies in the face of growing climate change, and the empowerment of small holder/traditional family farming and indigenous communities.

The resilience of many GIAHS sites has been developed and adapted to cope with climatic variability and change, i.e. natural hazards, new technologies and changing social
and political situations, so as to ensure food and livelihood security and alleviate risk. Dynamic conservation strategies and processes allow maintaining biodiversity and essential ecosystem services thanks to continuous innovation, transfer between generations and exchange with other communities and ecosystems. The wealth and breadth of accumulated knowledge and experience in the management and use of resources is a globally significant treasure that needs to be promoted and conserved and, at the same time, allowed to evolve.

GIAHS in Europe
GIAHS in Europe

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