ELASA is European Landscape Architecture Student Association which promotes cooperation, exchange and mobility of the students within the association and also gives support for developing landscaping ideas and concepts across Europe. The association itself has around 1000 members and operates in a close connection with the IFLA, IFLA Europe and the European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools (ECLAS).

Each year an annual meeting (summer) and a smaller mini-meeting (spring) are organised. Every meeting is organised in a different country by landscape architecture students of a university from that country.

ELASA shapes landscape architecture students from all over Europe. Each country is represented by a country representative. ELASA meetings are really important for the association because this is one of the main ways of keeping communication, sharing information and planning the next meetings.

IFLA Europe provides funds each year for ELASA representatives to join IFLA Europe Delegates and Executive Council at the General Assembly and present ELASA and their activities.

To find out more about ELASA please visit their website ELASA

News from ELASA:

ELASA Meeting 2020 Bulgaria

What is the most beautiful thing in the art of Landscape Architecture? We, as artists have the not-so-easy job to design the whole perception of ‘Environment’. The mini-universe which humans, plants and animals are inhabiting and interacting with each other. What’s funny is we actually don’t know which is the best way. Is there even a best way? We need to trust. To trust Nature - outside and inside ourselves. To listen and learn. Always. To go with the flow, but also to navigate it. To adapt. The only constant is change, they said - seasons give us a gentle reminder each year. Though it looks like we are still finding our ways to forget that.

ELASA “kръпka” 2020 had been designed and planned as the summer European meeting of LA students hosted in Bulgaria. With all that’s happening now, there’s nothing for certain. But there is one thing in which we can try to be - if as landscape architects we still haven’t learned to adapt - now we will need to.

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