General Assembly 2020

IFLA Europe General Assembly took place online on 17 October 2020!

Delegates, Presidents and members of the National Associations from 32 IFLA Europe member countries participated in constructive discussion on IFLA Europe activities, its mission and vision aligned with the objectives of EU Green Deal and UN Sustainable Development Goals and the important role that landscape architects have in combating climate change and mitigating its impact, as well as promotion of the profession and its regulation in Europe. New Communication strategy was presented to raise awareness about IFLA Europe, the profession of landscape architects and important role they play in the society. Members were invited to join IFLA Europe Organigramme - Working Groups and assist Executive Council members in achieving common objectives. Universities and Schools of Landscape Architecture were encouraged to apply for IFLA Europe recognition of landscape architecture programmes. Professional Recognition Assistance Survey partial results were presented and the Delegates and members were invited to provide information on the state of the profession in their respective countries, the problems that they face with regards to professional mobility and opportunities that appear.

IFLA Europe members were informed about important meetings that took place with the representatives of European Commission, namely DG Environment and DG Climate which recognised the important role of landscape architects and IFLA Europe in:

- providing nature-based solutions in climate change mitigation and adaptation

- implementing and promoting Biodiversity Strategy as a part of the EU Green Deal

- ensuring that transformational changes need to happen in the landscape, in the urban and rural areas.

We undertook to engage more actively together with our members and work with national and local authorities in order to ensure that landscape architects are included in the decision-making process.

We will continue important cooperation with the Council of Europe in landscape matters as IFLA Europe is a consultant NGO in its different working groups via the Conference of the European Landscape Convention and Steering Committee for Culture, Heritage and Landscape (CDCPP) and in projects dealing with professional recognition and the role of landscape architects in heritage projects. We will continue promoting 20 October – International Landscape Day of the Council of Europe. National Associations were encouraged to disseminate the fact sheet on” Landscape Architecs and their role in Heritage Conservation_EN.pdf

We will continue strong cooperation with ECLAS – European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools and work together towards developing joint recognition document regarding Landscape Architecture teaching and research and work towards development of Common Training Framework. We will continue participating and supporting LE:NOTRE –focal point for landscape specialists of all disciplines where we will focus on further developing international and interdisciplinary approach, and to act as a common platform for those involved in teaching, research and practice in the landscape field. We will continue our support to ELASA - European Landscape Architecture Students Association in order to support to promote cooperation, exchange and mobility of the students. We will reinforce relations with UNISCAPE - European Network of Universities for the implementation of the European Landscape Convention, to support and reinforce scientific interdisciplinary co-operation among European universities regarding landscape issues, especially in the areas of research and teaching, namely study and experimentation activities relating to landscapes, their evolution and transformations.

Our IFLA Europe Award – whose aim is to recognise the work of exceptional people and organisations that believe that our way of perceiving and understanding the world, derived from our profession, could contribute to its development, was awarded to IUCN European Regional Office.

Address by Ms Chantal van Ham, EU Programme Manager Nature Based Solution IUCN European Regional Office IUCN message to IFLA Europe

“We value your efforts in adopting and implementation of effective laws and policies for conserving biodiversity and nature, promotion of effective and equitable governance of natural resources and preservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services in Europe and globally. We share many common objectives and believe that together we can deliver nature-based solutions to tackle adverse climate change impacts.”

General Assembly was closed by adoption of 2020 IFLA Europe Resolution - Landscape as Footprints on Earth which urged to include within comprehensive landscape strategies and other sectoral policies the need to develop net positive footprints in landscape development, protection and management; to respond to public’s wish to enjoy high quality landscapes and to play an active part in its development; to ensure that each society undertakes to identify its own landscapes; to promote new and traditional solutions to strengthen capacity to develop net positive footprint in landscapes; to recognise that landscape architects work with nature-based solutions.

We would like to thank our sponsor Van den Berk Nurseries and Hunter Industries for their support!

Daniela MICANOVIC, IFLA Europe Executive Secretary

2020 IFLA Europe General Assembly Agenda

All Reports and General Assembly documents are available to Delegates and Presidents of National Associations through IFLA Europe dedicated General Assembly Reports and Presentations

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