Climate Change Working Group

Tony Williams, ILI Ireland
Anastasia Nikologiani, PHALA Greece
Haris Piplas, BSLA/FSAP Switzerland
Marina Cervera, AEP Spain
Barbara Kostanjsek, DKAS Slovenia
Joanna Rayss, SAK Poland

IFLA Europe and its members realise fully the importance of green and blue infrastructure and as Landscape architects we support and include ecological principles in the design and development of sites in urban and rural environment. In tackling the problems and perhaps opportunities of climate change and other pressures on our landscapes, we believe that IFLA Europe can work more closely with other disciplines to ensure a realisation of a viable rural green infrastructure.

The issues of climate change, biodiversity loss, water and energy management, health and community are challenging humanity and addressing these issues is an intrinsic part of the work of landscape architects. We believe that IFLA Europe, our institutions and members can bring skills that include design, construction and research and add to the body of knowledge required to ensure our efforts to ‘manage our planet’ are successful.

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