IFLA Europe General Assembly is the governing body of IFLA Europe and is regulated by IFLA Europe Statutes and Regulations Chapter VIII (Statutes and Regulations both to be a link to the pdf document already uploaded in Regulatory documents). It consists of voting representatives - Delegate from each Effective member – National Association, the Executive Council and the representatives or individuals of other membership categories. General Assembly is chaired by the President of the Executive Council or by a nominated voting member appointed by the General Assembly at the beginning of the meeting. The President of each Effective member (National Association) has the right to attend, participate and vote at the General Assembly. Interim, Affiliate, Individual, Corporate and Honorary members will have the right to attend the General Assembly but will not have the right to vote.

IFLA Europe has full powers to act to realise the aims and objectives of IFLA Europe. The following powers are exclusively reserved to the General Assembly:

  • agreement and approval of budgets, accounts and all financial matters relating to the appropriate governance and operations of IFLA Europe
  • admission and exclusion of members of IFLA Europe to/from any of the membership categories
  • modification to the membership status of members of IFLA Europe among the membership categories
  • any other matters concerning the members of IFLA Europe brought to the attention of the General Assembly
  • admission and exclusion of Delegates to/from the eligible voting members
  • election and dismissal of members of the Executive Council
  • acceptance of additional items to be included on the agenda of General Assembly
  • determination of its financial and operational requirements
  • determination of the value of contributions and methods of payment by each IFLA Europe member to the funds of the organisation
  • establishment of a financial reserve fund appropriate to the financial, operational and budgetary demands of IFLA Europe
  • removals of IFLA Europe headquarters from within the administrative Region of Brussels Capital, Belgium
  • modifications to the IFLA Europe Statutes and Regulations
  • dissolution of IFLA Europe and the transfer of any associated property.

The General Assembly will make decisions based upon the single voting procedures of a simple majority of votes of the eligible voting members present and represented, unless it is agreed to be by a qualified majority according to Articles 18.2, 55.4 and 57.1. In case of proposals to modify the Statutes or the Regulations, or to dissolve IFLA Europe, a qualified majority of two thirds of the votes of the eligible voting members present and represented shall be required. Voting shall be conducted by a show of hands, except in the case of the admission or exclusion of an eligible voting member or a member of the Executive Council, which shall be carried out by secret ballot. The votes of the secret ballot will be counted by a minimum of two eligible voting members present at the meeting.

If deemed appropriate by the Executive Council, voting concerning elections/exclusions to/from the Executive Council, Board of Auditors, Board of Trustees, School Recognition Panel, Committees and Working Groups, or any other decisions which may be taken by referendum, can be carried out by means of any suitable online technology previously selected by the Executive Council and approved by the GA.

A President of any IFLA Europe member association can be represented in the General Assembly by a member of the Executive Council or by another representative, personally designated, of the National Association in question. A Delegate of any IFLA Europe member Association can be represented in the General Assembly by another member of the association in question or by any other voting member attending the General Assembly. In these cases, written instruments of proxy, signed by the President or an authorised representative of the member associations in question, are to be received either before or at the start of the meeting.

Future General Assemblies:

15-18 October 2020, Reykjavik, Iceland

22-24 October 2021 – Granada, Spain

2022 – Croatia

2023 – Italy

2024 – Israel

2025 – Belgium

2026 Finland

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