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IFLA Europe Med_net working group brings together countries bordering the Mediterranean or that share its climatic and environmental characteristics. It was created in 2017 with the objective to raise awareness about the common issues and highlight the work of landscape architects in addressing those issues with nature based solutions.

When the Group was established, it included representatives from Portugal, Spain, France, Greece and Israel with Italy as coordinator. At the beginning of 2019 the delegates of Slovenia, Croatia and Turkey joined the Group. In 2020 Delegate from Lebanon, Middle East joined the Working Group, followed by delegates of the Mediterranean countries of IFLA Africa - Morocco and Tunisia in 2022 and Egypt in 2024!

The first meeting of the Med_net Working group was held in Lecce, Italy, in June 2018. On this occasion the mission and objectives of the group’s work have been defined, a schedule and agenda were set and opportunities for the first concrete activities have been drafted.

The main reason why we have come together is that we all share a strong concern about the challenges regarding:

  • Climate/Environment
  • Social/Cultural issues
  • Political/Economical issues
  • Landscape education

What is our mission?

  • To share the cultural and environmental values of challenges common to all
  • To identify the principal topics and opportunities of the specific conditions common to all
  • To declare the Mediterraneity of these issues
  • To develop a network based on sharing experiences and exchanging knowledge
  • To share initiatives, information and documentation on educational matters

The group meets in the Spring Meeting is held in rotation in the member countries. A topic related conference reporting the member countries projects will be scheduled in parallel. Each year Med_net members jointly choose the “topic of the year” which is then used as the core issue for the group’s work on which the member countries will focus their efforts (research, events, communication…) and how they consider best for their specific interest. During the remaining time work will be carried out according to the specific opportunities and needs of the member countries. The results of all the works and researches will be shared and made available to the members of the Med_net.

Members of Med_net Working Group:
Uta Zorzi, AIAPP, Italy, Med_Net Chair
Ivan Tolic, HDKA Croatia
Lena Athanassiadou, Greece
Nikola Watté, France
Tali Wexler, Israel
Margarida Cancela d’Abreu, Portugal
Romana Kacic, Slovenia
Manuel Sanchez, Spain
Sukran Sahin, Turkey
Marlene Chahine, Lebanon, IFLA Middle East
James MacGregor, AAPM Morocco, IFLA Africa
Saidane Hamdi, TALAE Tunisia, IFLA Africa
Amir Gohar, ESLA Egypt, IFLA Africa
Daniela Micanovic, IFLA Europe

Save the date: 2024 Med_net meeting and Conference 23-26 May 2024, Athens, Greece, organised by PHALA Greece!

Past Med_net meetings and conferences:
- 2023: Alicante, Spain, hosted and organised by the Spanish National Association of Landscape Architects AEP SPAIN
- 2022: Marseille, France, hosted and organised by the French National Association of Landscape Architecture FFP FRANCE
- 2019: Tel Aviv, Israel, hosted and organised by the Israeli National Association of Landscape Architecture ISALA ISRAEL
- 2018: Lecce, Italy, hosted and organised by the Italian National Association of Landscape Architecture AIAPP ITALY.

2023 IFLA Europe Med_net Conference 11-12 May 2023, Alicante, Spain

Urban, agrarian and rural, coastal and natural landscapes require, today more than ever, adequate protection, planning and management, as stated in the European Landscape Convention in 2000. More recently, the Paris Agreement and the United Nations 2030 Agenda outlined a clear roadmap to curb climate change. Mitigation and adaptation specify measures to reduce greenhouse gases, on the one hand, and to adapt our environment to new climate scenarios, on the other. Landscape Architects seek to find new ways to ensure sustainability through the valuation of nature and ecosystem services, to provide qualitative and healthy landscapes, as well as preserving collective memory, heritage and culture, and creating places that anticipate social and economic well-being. The landscape is in the centre of all eyes and landscape architects have a lot to contribute, through their expertise and holistic approach.

With this objective, we are proud to inform you that Med_Net 2023 CONFERENCE and SPRING MEETING 11-12 May 2023 in Alicante, Spain under the topic: LANDSCAPE DIVERSITY: ALL LANDSCAPES, ONE LANDSCAPE. The Conference is hosted and organised by AEP Spain (ASOCIACIÓN ESPAÑOLA PAISAJISTAS), its President Jose Luis Romeru and Manuel Sanchez, AEP Delegate to IFLA Europe together with AEP Spain team.

Environmental and social challenges, especially in urban settings, which are more vulnerable today due to increase of the world’s population in cities and carbon emissions as well as the abandonment of the rural area, which translates into an enormous loss of natural and cultural heritage, will be further discussed. Improving the quality of life of citizens
requires creating healthy spaces designed by and for people. Green infrastructure, urban forests, streets and small parks, squares and gardens can meet many of these needs when nature-based solutions are applied.

The role of the landscape architecture, as an academic and project discipline with more than 120 years of history, which knows well the principles that govern natural, social and
cultural processes will further be discussed. Making natural and human dynamics compatible is inherent to the landscape architect´s work. Holistically analyse the characteristics and needs of the place, generate spaces of high environmental quality and improve the quality of life of individuals and communities, preserving the local character, are the principles that govern the best landscape architecture projects.

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