European Network of Landscape Architecture Archives

NELA European Network of Landscape Architecture Archives

At the ECLAS conference in September 2019, eight European archives of landscape architecture joined forces to form the International Network of European Landscape Architecture Archives (hereinafter NELA). The NELA was founded to raise awareness of the invaluable archival material relating to the history of the built environment through an international collaboration between archives, researchers and educators. Operators of different landscape architecture archives in Vienna/AT (Lilli Lička, Ulrike Krippner, Roland Tusch) in Ås/NO (Annegreth Dietze-Schirdewahn), and in Rapperswil/CH (Sophie von Schwerin) initiated this milestone for the discipline. NELA’s aims are exchange, mutual support, public presence and cross-border research into works, personalities and trends in landscape architecture.

NELA is organised as an open group of archive operators, scholars, teachers and users who are engaged in enhancing the standard and accessibility of existing landscape architecture archives in Europe or strive to establish collections in places or countries where they do not exist. Currently the network exists of 40 institutional and individual members from 14 countries. Affiliations span universities, professional associations, public bodies and independent archival institutions. Joint publications, projects, and standards are developed, practical knowledge exchanged and topical challenges discussed. The members meet online once a month, every fifth meeting is public where everybody is welcome to join. To become a member of NELA a formal application is required.

Interested institutions and individuals can send an email to the NELA contact address with a request for membership in one of these categories. They should include information about their professional and institutional background and their focus of interest in NELA.

  1. Institutional members: Institutions and organizations (e.g. archives, libraries, universities) that manage and conserve collections and/or archives of landscape architecture and which have expertise in one or more areas related to the aims of NELA
  2. User members: Institutions and organizations of any kind (e.g. schools, research institutions, professional practices) that have expertise in one or more areas related to the aims of NELA and make use of landscape architecture collections/archives for practice, research and/or educational purposes
  3. Affiliate members: Institutions and organizations other than those in category 1 and 2 that are interested in landscape architecture archives, historical research, and education and wish to support the aims and activities of NELA
  4. Individual members: People with an interest and/or expertise in one or more areas related to the aims of NELA

Contact for NELA

Concerning NELA in general: Annegreth Dietze-Schirdewahn:
Concerning relation with IFLA Europe: Niek Hazendonk:

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