IFLA EUROPE is comprised of the following official bodies:

  • Membership – National Associations and categories defined in Articles 2 and 3 of IFLA Europe Statutes
  • General Assembly which comprises of officers of the Executive Council, the Delegates as the eligible voting representatives of Effective members and the representatives or individuals of the other membership categories
  • Executive Council comprising the following officers: President, Secretary General, Treasurer, Vice President Education, Vice President Professional Practice and Vice President Communications.

As well as of

  • Board of Auditors comprising of 3 members from National Associations who annually audit the final/estimate accounts for the previous/current financial year and present the ExCo their assessments via written electronic documents.
  • Board of Trustees comprising of 3 members who examine individually any reported, definitive proven case of serious inappropriate behaviour or disregard of the Statutes, Regulations and/or Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.
  • School Recognition Panel which functions as part of the ‘Education’ Committee. The main function of the SRP is to review and award recognition status for higher Landscape Architecture educational programmes on behalf of IFLA EUROPE.

The School Recognition Panel (SRP) consists of the following membership:

  1. the Vice President ‘Education’;
  2. the past Vice Presidents ‘Education’, particularly the immediate Vice President;
  3. Delegates chosen by consensus of the IFLA Europe ‘Education’ Committee, conditional upon their prior agreement;
  4. other co-opted members of member associations;
  5. observers of associated Institutions, in particular the European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools (ECLAS) which shall be represented by two members, if possible, to be nominated by ECLAS and accepted by the IFLA Europe ‘Education’ Committee; observers of associated institutions shall not have voting rights.

IFLA Europe
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