What is PREP?

The PREP Survey is a project designed to gather, store and disseminate information about professional practice requirements and educational possibilities (educational programmes of landscape architecture) within IFLA member countries. The survey is developed as a web-based platform to serve as the IFLA database relating to the status of the profession within IFLA member countries. This project was established with financial help of IFLA EUROPE.

How does it work?

PREP Survey is designed to gather data electronically, using a web-based application to collect, analyse and publish information on professional practice requirements and educational programmes. National Associations and their Delegates are responsible in providing accurate and up-to-date information to populate the survey.

The project main goal is to gather, store and disseminate information about Professional Practice requirements and Educational Possibilities (educational programmes of landscape architecture) in IFLA member countries.

The survey collects information from a list of questions about education and professional practice. The survey is conducted electronically through a web-based designed portal that enables IFLA to create a browsable database within two fields, with search, filtering and querying functionalities. These tools will enable data analysis, tracking of trends, presentations and the publishing of information. This data will be available to IFLA members, whether published on our websites or sent directly to national associations and interested parties in suitable formats.

The survey is now an essential part of the service IFLA offers to members. It is more a centralised IFLA Data Base, which will contain data on the global state of the profession, including national legal requirements for professional practice and educational possibilities. This is a very powerful and important data base for the profession that can, and will be, expanded upon in future.

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