Professional Practice Committee Chair: Didier Vancutsem, Vice President Professional Practice, ABAJP/BVTL Belgium.

The aims of IFLA Europe Professional Practice Committee:

- To work all together for a democratic profession, with equal recognition for all.
- To promote professional development and to ensure that landscape architects deliver the highest standards of practice.
- To cooperate and exchange ideas with associations and delegates, on matters of common interest, regarding the profession future and problematic, as well as to participate in interdisciplinary events.
- To explore the harmonious interrelations with other disciplines and to work together for resilient, affordable, happy and democratic landscapes.
- To protect the status of the profession and to aid the national organizations about the protection and development of landscape architecture at National and International level.
- To research, formulate and promote well-documented proposals for important landscape issues as well as for corresponding issues of design, management and protection of landscapes and the environment.
- To link practice and landscape policy, by drafting of recommendations, proposals and opinions for the creation and implementation of effective policies in the fields of landscape design, protection and management at any scale.
- To enhance the free movement of professionals among the European countries and to certify that they deliver the high standards of professional qualification.

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