IFLA Europe Yearbook 2018 - Valuing Landscapes

”..When it comes to Valuing Landscapes, it appears as a living topic which encompasses all the cur-rent opportunities and difficulties together with many contentious issues and frequently with hidden surprises. Over time, the perception of space and its values changes. These changes can be extreme due to a change in the way of life and a different approach to the use of space. We are currently witnessing a reevaluation that seems to be occuring at an accelerated pace and no doubt the result of the processes initiated by subsequent industrial revolutions. The aspirations, momentum and scale of the industrial revolution and other major social and political upheavals prompted a reevaluation of the landscape (places, areas, localities) and the resources of the land-scape may thus be said to be continually reassessed. In contrast, for instance, to the development of the urban / industrial landscape, our interest, perhaps subconsciously is directed on the rich-ness of natural and cultural diversity.” (excerpt from 2018 IFLA Europe Yearbook)

IFLA Europe Yearbook 2018

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