- European Landscape Convention

- Report on Professional Recognition of Landscape Architects prepared by Michael Oldham and presented at the Council of Europe Conference of the European Landscape Convention in May 2019 and adopted by the Council of Europe Council of Ministers on 16 October 2019.

- LandscapeArchitects and their role in Heritage Conservation_EN

- Landscape Architects and their role in Heritage Conservation_FR

prepared by IFLA Europe Council of Europe Working Group. The “European Cultural Heritage Strategy for the 21st century” is the most farfetched and ambitious programme in Europe as regards the joint action in the field of culture and cultural heritage of all European nations. It is a great success that landscape architects are listed as one of the specialised professions in heritage conservation, and this fact-sheet will be a good tool for practitioners, as the CoE recommends the governments of the member States to “embrace and implement the strategy appended to this recommendation, at the appropriate governance levels, in compliance with their applicable national legal provisions and practice”

- IFLA Europe Statutes

- IFLA Europe Code of Ethics

- IFLA Europe Regulations

- CELA - Charter of European Landscape Architect

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