School Recognition Panel (SRP) is regulated by IFLA Europe Statutes chapter XVI and its main objective is to review and award recognition status for higher Landscape Architecture educational programmes on behalf of IFLA Europe.

The SRP consists of the following membership:

  • the Vice-president ‘Education’
  • the past Vice-presidents ‘Education’, particularly the immediate Vice-president
  • Delegates chosen by consensus of the IFLA Europe ‘Education’ Committee, conditional upon their prior agreement
  • other co-opted members of member associations
  • observers of associated Institutions, in particular the European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools (ECLAS) which shall be represented by two members, if possible, to be nominated by ECLAS and accepted by the IFLA Europe ‘Education’ Committee; observers of associated institutions shall not have voting rights.

The SRP shall be chaired by the Vice-president ‘Education’, or in default by any other voting member attending the meeting. To facilitate and manage the SRP process, a projects manager shall be selected from the voting membership. The SRP members shall report back to the Vice-president ‘Education’ their findings and conclusions by means of individual/collective report(s) no later than thirty days after the receipt of the programmes by the applying Institution(s). Where deemed necessary and appropriate, the SRP shall select specific members to carry out ‘on-site’ inspections in order to verify the teaching structure and the substance, completeness and effectiveness of the concerned programmes. Once a programme fulfilled all necessary IFLA Europe recognition requirements, IFLA Europe provides Certificate of Recognition for a period of 5 years together with a logo.

List of Landscape Architecture Programmes recognised by IFLA EUROPE_status_FEBRUARY 2022

Members of School Recognition Panel are:

  • Teele Nigola, ELAU, Estonia
  • Marc Claramunt, FFP, France
  • Karin Helms, FFP, France
  • Hermann Georg Gunnlaugsson, FILA, Iceland
  • Emilia Weckman, MARK, Finland
  • Ioana Tudora, ASOP, Romania
  • Andreja Tutundzic, UPAS, Serbia
  • Ana Luengo, AEP, Spain
  • Marina Cervera, AEP, Spain
  • Anders Larsson, ECLAS
  • Eszter Bakay, ECLAS

List of Landscape Architecture Schools and Programmes_status FEBRUARY 2022
(list not exhaustive) -

SRP Recognition programme logo

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