In this devastating war happening in Ukraine, we, Landscape Architects, cannot help but put our extraordinary professionalism at the service of the interest human community. As builders of harmony, beauty, development and prosperity for people and, as such, messengers of peace, our Federation brings together professional Associations whose main aim is, with mutual respect for the diversities of everybody, encourage, support and strive for the improvement of the relationship of all peoples with themselves and every aspect of the planet’s environment.

Therefore, we urge our members-National Associations which have already or will express the willingness to support Ukrainian professionals who will emigrate to their countries and to share with us any ideas and initiatives that might have. Until now National Associations representatives, universities and companies through their volunteering initiatives offer to support our colleagues Landscape Architects from Ukraine by helping them to continue their work, to find a job and pursue studies in the profession of landscape architect, through their networking channels.

IFLA Europe wishes to gather all these information here on our website and send it to the Ukrainian Association of Landscape Architects. This dedicated subpage will contain the information about support to Ukrainian Landscape Architecture professionals and students provided by our National Associations and other related landscape architecture organisations, institutions and companies.

We urge National Associations and other related organisations to sends us the following information:

  • the description of the initiative/support (100 words max)
  • the contact details – name, email address - of the person(s) in charge and the website link for further information
  • the logo of the National Association or organisation.

Please note that by giving this information to IFLA Europe, you are giving your consent for this information to be published on our website.

If only a fraction of the costs of pursuing such a war were simply spent on improving the quality of people’s lives, the world would be a much better place. We should be working together to protect and manage the world and as such we are asking our member associations and all individuals to support our Ukrainian colleagues affected by the war.

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