UNISCAPE is the European Network of Universities for the implementation of the European Landscape Convention. It was created in Florence in January 2008 as a result of the joint initiative of 23 European Universities. Founding members of UNISCAPE are 42 universities from Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Belgium, Slovakia and France.

Currently the Network is composed of 56 Universities members from 15 European Countries and 2 private Foundations promoting landscape studies and research.

The aim of UNISCAPE is to support and reinforce scientific interdisciplinary co-operation among European universities regarding landscape issues, especially in the areas of research and teaching. UNISCAPE promotes the principles and the objectives of the European Landscape Convention. Concerning research activities, UNISCAPE promotes study and experimentation activities relating to landscapes, their evolution and transformations.

UNISCAPE encourages and assists its members to provide each other technical and scientific assistance in landscape matters through exchange of experience and the results of research projects; to promote the exchange of landscape specialists, in particular for training and information purposes; to exchange information on all matters covered by the European Landscape Convention requirements.

For more information about UNISCAPE, please visit UNISCAPE

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