Vestre is a Norwegian manufacturer of urban furniture. For more than 70 years, the company has helped create social meeting places for millions of people. The product range includes a wide variety of seating elements, tables, litter bins, bicycle stands and planters.

Vestre makes colourful, sustainable and inclusive furniture which encourages people to get together, to care and to participate in everyday democracy. If you travel around Norway, you can find Vestre furniture created back in the 50s. It is still standing, creating social meeting places every day of the year.

In 2022 Vestre opened the doors to the world’s most environmentally friendly and transparent furniture factory: The Plus. It was designed by BIG Bjarke Ingels Group as a completely new kind of factory where people, production, technology, architecture and nature are completely integrated with each other. The building is the first industrial
building in Scandinavia to be certified with BREEAM Outstanding, the highest category for assessing the sustainability of buildings.

Vestre has incorporated nine of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals into its business philosophy and aims to be recognised as the world’s most sustainable furniture manufacturer. Every year, Vestre gives at least 10% of its profits to sustainable projects around the world. As sustainable products must be durable achieving the longest possible lifetime is at the heart of Vestre’s production process. The company offers a lifetime guarantee against rust and a 15-year guarantee against wood rot.

All products are designed and manufactured in Scandinavia using renewable energy, local materials and environmentally friendly production technology. Vestre has two factories, one in Sweden and one in Norway. The steel factory in Torsby, Sweden opened in 2013 and was designed by the Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta. The second, the Plus, is in Magnor in Norway. All the products that are produced there are quality and environmentally certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and Vestre continuously works on innovation and improvements.

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Everything Vestre does stems from their dedication to sustainability, quality, and design. Dedication that has been passed down from generation to generation. That is why they use local raw materials and strive to minimize their environmental impact. Their production is based in Norway and Sweden, across three facilities: The Plus, the world’s most environmentally friendly furniture factory, in Magnor, Norway, and their steel and grinding factories in Torsby, Sweden. This approach allows them to control about 90% of their value chain, ensuring quality and sustainability in every piece they create. To create high-quality designs that are made available to everyone in the public space, they work with many of Scandinavia’s leading designers.

Their products come with a lifetime anti-rust warranty, thanks to our hot-dip galvanizing process. This is more than a manufacturing detail; it’s their commitment to building products that last a lifetime, the core of their sustainability effort. By collaborating with renowned designers, they push boundaries in design, durability, and functionality.

Vestre is more than a furniture company; we’re a community of thinkers, designers, and environmental stewards. We strive to inspire others to make green choices, believing that everyone can change the world. A little.

Re-Connect - New Inspiration Book and Product Catalogue from VESTRE!

In its nspiration book, Vestre encourages people to find their way back – to each other and to nature – so that we can ensure that our planet continues to be habitable for future generations. One way is to create sociable meeting places where people can come together and create a common ‘we’. Another way is to be uncompromising when it comes to the way we do business. Between the covers of this book, you will get to read more about just that. You will also find practical information about our furniture, such as the purpose, price list and carbon footprint for each individual product. This makes it easier to compare your different options.

Visit Inspiration Book and Product Catalogue | Vestre

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